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Maurice Wilkins, James Watson, Francis Crick, Chad Mirkin, Jakob Lindberg, Gianfranco de Feo, Emily Winn-Deen, Joseph Smith


Maurice Wilkins, who provided the X-ray images of DNA that helped solve the molecule’s three-dimensional structure, died on Oct. 5 at the age of 88. Wilkins won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1962, together with James Watson and Francis Crick. Wilkins was a staff member of King’s College, London.

Nanosphere, a Northbrook, Ill.-based nanobiotechnology company, announced last week that founder Chad Mirkin has received a $2.5 million award from the National Institutes of Health as one of the first recipients of the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award. Nanosphere said that Mirkin would use the award to further develop applications for his ultra-sensitive protein detection technology.

Cellectricon has appointed Ulf Jonsson as chief executive officer, effective Jan. 1, 2005, it said last week. Jonsson will replace Jakob Lindberg, one of the company’s co-founders, who recently announced his planned resignation. Jonsson previously served as CEO of Biacore. He also has worked for Pharmacia Biotechnology/Amersham Bioscience as a marketing manager for molecular biological systems. He holds a PhD in applied physics.

Gianfranco de Feo, former associate director for genomics collaborations at Affymetrix, joined Guava Technologies of Hayward, Calif., as director of customer support and service, the company said this week. Previously, he was a field application specialist at PerkinElmer/Applied Biosystems.

Emily Winn-Deen joins Cepheid of Sunnyvale, Calif., in the new position of vice president of strategic planning and business development, reporting to Joseph Smith, senior vice president for legal and business development. Winn-Deen joined Cepheid from her post as head of the genomics business group at Roche Molecular Systems in Pleasanton, Calif. Previously, she worked at Applied Biosystems and Celera Genomics, where she established Celera’s high-throughput genotyping laboratory.

The Scan

Driving Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes Down

Researchers from the UK and Italy have tested a gene drive for mosquitoes to limit the spread of malaria, NPR reports.

Office Space to Lab Space

The New York Times writes that some empty office spaces are transforming into lab spaces.

Prion Pause to Investigate

Science reports that a moratorium on prion research has been imposed at French public research institutions.

Genome Research Papers on Gut Microbe Antibiotic Response, Single-Cell RNA-Seq Clues to Metabolism, More

In Genome Research this week: gut microbial response to antibiotic treatment, approach to gauge metabolic features from single-cell RNA sequencing, and more.