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Linden Technologies, Clontech Laboratories, Phylos, Molecular Dynamics


Linden Technologies of Woburn, Mass., has received US Patent No. 6,489,466 , “C-3' protected monomeric nucleotides and synthesis of oligonucleotides on solid support.” The invention covers modified nucleotide primers that are anchored to a substrate through a linking group, and used in synthesis and screening of oligonucleotide arrays. The C-5’ end of this nucleotide is modified to be tethered to the linking group, and the C-3’ end is not, so other nucleotides can be added to the primer.

Clontech Laboratories of Palo Alto, Calif., has received two patents, US Patent No. 6,489,159, “Methods of assaying differential expression,” and US Patent No. 6,488,931, “Polymeric arrays and methods for their use in binding assays.” The first patent covers methods for analyzing differences in RNA profiles in a number of different samples, in which different gene-specific primers are used to generate labeled nucleic acids. These labeled nucleic acids are then compared to one another to determine differences in RNA profiles. The second patent covers arrays in which a number of polymeric targets, including nucleic acids and proteins, are immobilized on the surface of a solid support.

Phylos of Concord, Mass., has received US Patent No. 6,489,116, “Sensitive, multiplexed diagnostic assays for protein analysis.” The patent covers methods for detecting multiple compounds in a single sample by mixing the sample with nucleic acid-protein fusions, each of which has a protein part that specifically binds to one of the compounds, and a nucleic acid portion that encodes the protein portion and includes an identification tag. These fusions form complexes with the sample’s compounds, and these complexes are captured, then the nucleic acid portions are amplified in order to facilitate detection of the identification tags of each amplified nucleic acid.

Molecular Dynamics has received US Patent No. 6,489,112, “Methods and apparatus for template capture and normalization for submicroliter reaction.” This patent covers methods for preparing nanoscale reactions in which nucleic acids are captured on the internal surface of the reaction chamber, excess nucleic acid is removed, and the reaction is performed inside the capillary. In another application, the bound nucleic acid can also be eluted, and then dispensed for a reaction in another chamber.