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Kathryn Tunstall, Robert Nelsen, Regis McKenna, David Singer, Luke Evnin, Robert Hennessey, Steven Rauscher, Norbert Riedel, Vernon Loucks Jr., William Rutter, David Stone, Elizabeth Hutt, Anne Kopf-Sill, John Todd


Kathryn Tunstall and Edgar Cummins have been elected to the board of directors of Caliper Life Sciences, the company said last week. The new members fill vacancies created by retirements.

Tunstall replaces Robert Nelsen, managing director at Arch Venture Partners, while Cummins replaces Regis McKenna, a marketing guru.

The company said in a statement that the appointments are part of a series of organizational changes designed to “enhance and support Caliper’s increased focus on the life-sciences industry.”

Tunstall previously was president and CEO of Conceptus (1993-2000). She is on the board at Conceptus, Solarant Medical, and Fair Advantage. Previously, Tunstall was an executive with American Hospital Supply and Baxter International. Cummins, a member of the board of directors of Ocular Sciences, previously was CFO for Allergan.

David Singer, founding CEO of Genesoft and Affymetrix, will serve as chairman of the new board of directors for Genome Therapeutics, which completed a merger with Genesoft Pharmaceuticals last week. The new board includes: Luke Evnin, managing director of MPM Asset Management; Robert Hennessey, former chairman and CEO of Baxter International; Steven Rauscher, president and CEO of Genome Therapeutics; William Reardon, former life sciences industry practice partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers; Norbert Riedel, chief scientific officer at Baxter International; Vernon Loucks Jr., former chairman and CEO of Baxter International, CEO of Segway, and a board member of Affymetrix; William Rutter, professor emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco and founder of Chiron; and David Stone, managing director of Flagship Ventures.

Elizabeth Hutt, Anne Kopf-Sill, and John Todd join Nugen Technologies of San Carlos, the company said last week. Hutt, previously vice president of sales and service for Tripos and a former Affymetrix sales manager, will serve in that position at Nugen; Kopf-Sill, previously vice president for new products at Caliper Technologies, will become vice president of product development. Todd will serve as vice president of marketing.


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