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IP Roundup: Molecular Devices, Northeastern U, Progenika, Illumina, U of California, Cargill, and Others


Title: Vibration control in scanners.
Patent Number: 8,665,500
Filed: April 13, 2009
Lead Inventor: Yuri Osipchuk, Molecular Devices

Title: Multi-biomarker biosensor.
Patent Number: 8,668,978
Filed: Sept. 2, 2010
Lead Inventor: Asanterabi Malima, Northeastern University

Title: Method and device for the detection of mutations in isolated gene sequences of the low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDL-r) which is associated with familial hypercholesterolemia.
Patent Number: 8,669,049
Filed: Jan. 21, 2004
Lead Inventor: Pedro Mata Lopez, Progenika Biopharma

Title: Compositions and methods for preparing oligonucleotide solutions.
Patent Number: 8,669,053
Filed: Sept. 11, 2009
Lead Inventor: John Stuelpnagel, Illumina

Title: Methods and articles for strand-specific polynucleotide detection with conjugated polymers.
Patent Number: 8,669,055
Filed: Oct. 12, 2010
Lead Inventor: Guillermo Bazan, University of California

Title: Compositions, methods, and systems for inferring bovine breed.
Patent Number: 8,669,056
Filed: Aug. 29, 2011
Lead Inventor: Sue DeNise, Cargill

Title: Bio-microarray and a substrate for use therewith.
Patent Number: 8,669,098
Filed: Oct. 6, 2010
Lead Inventor: Hideshi Hattori, Dai Nippon Printing

Title: Method of assembling a light sensor module using an intermediate layer, and light sensor module assembly including the same.
Patent Number: 8,669,553
Filed: Oct. 29, 2007
Lead Inventor: Patrick Hughes, SensL Technologies