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IP Roundup: Greiner Bio-One, BioArray Solutions, Plexera, Sentilus, Affymetrix, Ventana, and Others


Title: Surface modification.
Patent Number: 8,795,787
Filed: Oct. 10, 2008
Lead Inventor: Heinrich Jehle, Greiner Bio-One

Title: Optimization of gene expression analysis using immobilized capture probes.
Patent Number: 8,795,960
Filed: June 8, 2009
Lead Inventor: Michael Seul, BioArray Solutions

Title: Expression vectors based on modified ribosomal protein promoters and uses thereof in post-transcriptional assessment.
Patent Number: 8,795,962
Filed: Nov. 17, 2008
Lead Inventor: Khalid Abu Khabar, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

Title: Label free kinase assays and reagents.
Patent Number: 8,796,003
Filed: Aug. 8, 2012
Lead Inventor: Ronald Dudek, Plexera

Title: Detection assay devices and methods of making and using the same.
Patent Number: 8,796,184
Filed: March 17, 2009
Lead Inventor: Ashutosh, Chilkoti, Sentilus

Title: System and method for processing large number of biological microarrays.
Patent Number: 8,796,186
Filed: June 10, 2009
Lead Inventor: Mohsen Shirazi, Affymetrix

Title: Digital microscope slide scanning system and methods.
Patent Number: 8,797,396
Filed: Dec. 6, 2011
Lead Inventor: Lou Dietz, Ventana Medical Systems

The Scan

Not as High as Hoped

The Associated Press says initial results from a trial of CureVac's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine suggests low effectiveness in preventing COVID-19.

Finding Freshwater DNA

A new research project plans to use eDNA sampling to analyze freshwater rivers across the world, the Guardian reports.

Rise in Payments

Kaiser Health News investigates the rise of payments made by medical device companies to surgeons that could be in violation of anti-kickback laws.

Nature Papers Present Ginkgo Biloba Genome Assembly, Collection of Polygenic Indexes, More

In Nature this week: a nearly complete Ginkgo biloba genome assembly, polygenic indexes for dozens of phenotypes, and more.