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IP Roundup: Dako, Integenx, Attomarker, Illumina, CalTech


Dako, now part of Agilent Technologies, of Glostrop, Denmark, has received US Patent No. 8,394,635, "Enhanced scheduling sample processing system and methods of biological slide processing." The method includes establishing a network connection between a computer server and a control unit of an automated sample processing system; identifying a first slide on the automated sample processing system; obtaining from the computer the automated process operation events to be performed on the first slide; heating the first slide as determined by the automated process operation events; performing the robotic sample processing functions on the first slide; receiving a second slide into the system during processing of the first slide; and scheduling robotic sample processing functions for the second slide without interrupting processing of the first slide.

Integenx of Pleasanton, Calif., has received US Patent No. 8,394,642, "Universal sample preparation system and use in an integrated analysis system." The described system can process a raw biological sample, perform a biochemical reaction, and provide an analysis readout, according to the authors. In one embodiment the system includes a sample purification module, a reaction module, a post-reaction clean-up module, a capillary electrophoresis module, and a computer. The system may also include a disposable cartridge for performing analyte capture.

Attomarker of Exeter, UK, has received US Patent No. 8,394,648, "Method of fabrication of photonic biosensor arrays." The method includes providing a transparent substrate; providing seed metallic nanoparticles in the form of a colloid; depositing the colloid as discrete metallic islands on the transparent substrate; washing the substrate in order to remove unadhered material; developing the substrate in a growth solution; washing the developed substrate; and functionalizing each of the metallic islands with a different functionalizing molecule.

Illumina has received US Patent No. 8,394,923, "Apparatus and method for separation of liquid phases of different density and for fluorous phase organic syntheses." According to the patent, this method finds use in high-throughput combinatorial organic synthesis or parallel extraction of large libraries or megaarrays of organic compounds. An apparatus for separating layers of immiscible or partially miscible liquids compatible with microtiter plate type arrays of reaction vessels is also described.

The California Institute of Technology of Pasadena has received US Patent No. 8,395,773, "Optical devices and methods for measuring samples." The patent describes devices that can measure samples while minimizing stray light. The devices can be applied to multiple fluid chambers with multiple sources as an integrated optical element, according to the patent. Light sources can also be embedded onto a chip or microarray with multiple chambers, or can be part of an instrument arrangement.