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Insightful Corp., Beckman Coulter, Gene Logic, Tecan US


Insightful Corp., last week introduced ArrayAnalyzer, a microarray analysis module for its S-Plus data software produced in collaboration with the BioConductor Project, a team of academic microarray researchers. The software integrates the open-source BioConductor software with a graphical user interface to guide users through the analysis process. ArrayAnalyzer supports Affymetrix file formats; CEL/CDF files, and MAS4 and MAS5 expression summaries. It also supports cDNA microarray data with user-specified layouts and a variety of scanner formats. The software supports normalization techniques including median/IQR, quantiles, and local and cubic spline regression; as well as differential expression statistical analysis including local pooled error t-test, F, Wilcoxon, and permutation tests.


Beckman Coulter introduced CEQ 8000 version 6.0. The software provides DNA sequence data analysis functions that automatically identify and trim off vector material, foreign sequences, and poor quality bases. This new version allows users to set their own quality criteria for screening data.


Gene Logic introduced a new inflammatory disease module for its BioExpress software. The Inflammation Suite is a gene expression information resource and contains three components — human tissue samples and clinical annotations; animal disease models; and in vitro cellular model systems.


Tecan US introduced the HS 400 Hybridization Station, a miniature version of the HS 4800 version launched last year. The device is designed for the fully automated hybridization of up to four micro-array slides. The machine performs incubations in the range of 15 to 85 ° C and denaturation at up to 99 ° C.

The Scan

Plan Rebuffed

The Associated Press reports China has rejected the World Health Organization's proposal to include the lab-leak theory in the next phase of its investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

Opossum Change

Researchers from Riken have used CRISPR to edit marsupial genomes, as Technology Review reports.

In the Ice

Cosmos magazine reports that researchers have uncovered more than two dozen ancient viruses in a Tibetan glacier.

Nature Papers Present Method to Uncover Differential RNA Modifications, Neutrophils in Innate Immune Response

In Nature this week: computational approach to identifying differential RNA modifications, and more.