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Human 1 cDNA Microarray, arrayWoRxe, HiGro.


Agilent Technologies of Palo Alto, Calif., recently launched the Human 1 cDNA Microarray, its first commercially available human microarray. The system contains Incyte’s Human UniGene 1 and Human Drug Target clone sets and is designed to allow scientists to characterize expression of thousands of genes using a single microarray. The new microarrays contain 13,600 data points per slide.

Applied Precision has launched its new arrayWoRxe biochip reader for imaging low- and high-density microarrays. The PC-based system uses Applied Precision’s light delivery and collection technology that combines a white light source and charged coupled device camera, rather than a laser light source, and photo-multiplier tube. Based in Issaquah, Wash., Applied Precision said the technology provides users with greater flexibility by allowing experiment designs using a wide variety of fluorescent probes and up to four wavelengths on one biochip.

GeneMachines has unveiled its 384-well format HiGro aerated, incubating shaker designed for optimal growth in microwell plates. The product''s high plate capacity, convenience, and user-control over growth conditions make it ideal for both production facilities and applications development labs. Controls for shaking speed, gas flow, and temperature in the growth chambers allow end-users to select conditions that improve growth quality and yield. Compared with typical 22-24 hour growth runs in a standard floor shaker, the HiGro shaker reduces the time required to reach saturated growth by 40-50 percent, the San Carlos, Calif.-based company said.