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Hitachi Software Engineering, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research of India, Agilent Technologies, The Brown University Research Foundation


Hitachi Software Engineering of Kanagawa, Japan, received US Patent No. 6,690,461, “Method for displaying microarray information.” The patent covers a method for displaying microarray information. Luminescent intensity information of sample spots obtained with the microarrays is standardized for each and displayed as a graph charting the difference from astandardized sample spot of interest. A three-dimensional graph is displayed by sorting the set of samples and the set of microarrays to which the sample spots belong, under predetermined conditions, and assigning the set of sorted samples and the set of sorted microarrays to the X-axis and the Y-axis, and the accumulated luminescence intensity to the Z-axis.

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research of India received US Patent No. 6,689,391, “Natural non-polar fluorescent dye from a non-bioluminescent marine invertebrate, compositions containing the said dye and its uses.” The patent covers the manufacture and use of a non-polar fluorescent dye from the marine echinoderm Holothuria scabra.

Agilent Technologies received US Patent No. 6,689,323, “Method and apparatus for liquid transfer.” The patent covers methods where liquids are transferred to one or more receptacles from wells, by displacing liquid contained in each well so that a convex meniscus swells from the opening, and contacting the receptacle with the swollen meniscus to draw a portion of the liquid into the receptacle. The system is useful in transferring liquids from printing devices adapted for deposition of materials in microarrays.

Agilent also received US Patent No. 6,689,319, “Apparatus for deposition and inspection of chemical and biological fluids.” The patent covers a technology for producing and inspecting deposited features in an oligonucleotide array. The apparatus includes a inkjet printhead and controller for depositing a fluid and a camera for imaging the deposited features.

The Brown University Research Foundation received US Patent No. 6,689,563, “System and methods for sequencing by hybridization.” The patent covers a system of universal and designate nucleotides, or “gapped” probes, and the use of sets of these probes in sequencing by hybridization.


The Scan

Highly Similar

Researchers have uncovered bat viruses that are highly similar to SARS-CoV-2, according to Nature News.

Gain of Oversight

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden Administration is considering greater oversight of gain-of-function research.

Lasker for mRNA Vaccine Work

The Scientist reports that researchers whose work enabled the development of mRNA-based vaccines are among this year's Lasker Award winners

PLOS Papers on Causal Variant Mapping, Ancient Salmonella, ALK Fusion Test for NSCLC

In PLOS this week: MsCAVIAR approach to map causal variants, analysis of ancient Salmonella, and more.