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Helen Stimson, Karl Hecker, Richard Delateur, Affymetrix, Clontech, Beckman Coulter, Biomind, Qiagen


People in the News

Agilent Technologies this week promoted Helen Stimson to the position of vice president and general manager of global consumables for the company's Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis business.

Stimson served previously as global consumables business program manager, and has worked for Agilent and its one-time mother company Hewlett-Packard for 24 years, the company said.

PerkinElmer has named Karl Hecker the new director of R&D for its Boston-based Center of Excellence, the company said last week.

Hecker joins PerkinElmer from Invitrogen and brings more then 20 years of scientific experience in chemistry and biochemistry applications. He holds a PhD in biochemistry from Florida State University, an MS in chemistry from Eastern Illinois University, and MS and BS degrees in chemistry from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University.

Richard Delateur was named chief financial officer of Fluidigm, the company said last week.

DeLateur comes from Intel, where his most recent position was general manager of new business investments. In his 20 years at Intel, DeLateur worked in the worldwide technology and manufacturing group and in the architecture business group.


New Product Watch

Affymetrix this week launched its GeneChip Human Tiling 1.0R Array Set and Mouse 1.1R Array Set, which it claims are the only commercially available microarrays for whole-genome transcript mapping.

The GeneChip Human and Mouse tiling array sets consist of 14 arrays, according to Affy, and interrogate all of the non-repetitive portions of the human and mouse genomes.

Each set of arrays generates almost 90 million data points at regular 35 base pair intervals and Affymetrix said that researchers can use these arrays as discovery tools to gain a better understanding of gene structure, function and regulation.

Clontech, a Takara Bio company, last week released its Clontech Antibody Array Nanoscale Buffer Kit for use with its Clontech Ab Microarray 500.

According to Clontech, the kit offers users the ability to prepare total protein extract from and fluorescently label limited samples, including fine needle aspirate, serum, tissue, and those with as few as 1,000 cells. The slides in the kit are also compatible with commercially available fluorescence scanners, the company said.

Beckman Coulter last week launched its Biomek 3000-ArrayPLEX Workstation, which it claims can be used for RNA preparation in gene expression array experiments.

According to Beckman, the new Biomek 3000-ArrayPLEX Workstation can process between one and 96 samples in a single run and can work with a variety of platforms, including Affymetrix GeneChips. The workstation also incorporates the RNAClean kit from Agencourt, featuring magnetic bead technology for cDNA and cRNA cleanup.

Biomind has launched its ImmPort data analysis site for the National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, the company said last week.

The web portal will be used for analysis of microarray expression and other biological databases and accessed by selected NIH NIAID-funded immunology researchers, Biomind said. A wider launch for ImmPort is expected later in the year.

Qiagen this week launched its RNeasy FFPE Kit, which it claims can purify total RNA from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections.

The company said that its kit uses a lysis buffer to release RNA from FFPE samples while avoiding further RNA degradation, allowing the purification of all usable RNA down to 70 nucleotides in less than two hours.

The Scan

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