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Harris Currie, Frank Reeves, Eric Lachenmeier, David Cooper, Michael Nemzek


Luminex, of Austin, Texas, has named Harris Currie, the acting controller and treasurer, as its new chief financial officer. Currie replaces CFO Frank Reeves, who was dismissed after the board of directors decided the company needed a CFO with more public company experience.


Aviva Biosciences, a privately held San Diego biochip startup, has appointed Eric Lachenmeier as its director of business development. Lachenmeier will be leading the company’s fundraising efforts as it seeks to raise the capital to commercialize its microfluidic cellular screening platform. The company has developed a microscreen that can filter out rare fetal blood cells from maternal blood for testing, providing a non-invasive alternative to amnioscientesis.

Lachenmeier has previously founded Allegro Biosciences, an informatics and services venture. He also served as vice president of technology development at Incyte Genomics, as well as R&D project leader and engineer at Lynx Therapeutics and Applied Biosystems, where he developed DNA sequencing platforms. Lachenmeier holds an engineering degree from MIT.


David Cooper, chief medical officer and senior vice president of services at NimbleGen, of Madison, Wis., will be responsible for the company’s new DNA arraying and services facility in Reykjavik, Iceland. Cooper will remain in Madison but will visit the Reykjavik facility regularly. (See p. 5)


Aspira Biosystems, a South San Francisco protein array startup, has appointed Michael Nemzek as executive vice president of business development. Nemzec comes to Aspira from Cellomics. He has also worked in executive positions at Applied Biosystems, Genosys Biotechnologies (now part of Sigma-Aldrich), and Tropixm (now part of Applera). Additionally, he has worked in management at EG&G (now PerkinElmer).

The Scan

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