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Fluidigm, Aueron Laboratories, Pall Corp.

Fluidigm of South San Francisco, Calif., has received European Patent No. 1882189, “Analysis engine and database for manipulating parameters for fluidic systems on a chip.” The patent claims a system for managing workflow related to processing of one or more microfluidic devices. The system includes a processor device, a first database coupled to the processor device, and one or more process designs provided within a portion of the first database. The system further includes an image acquisition device coupled to the processor device.

Aueron Laboratories of Yonkers, NY, has received US Patent No. 7,326,575, “Methods and compositions for the preparation and use of fixed-treated cell-lines and tissue in fluorescence in situ hybridization.” The patent claims methods for the detection of one or more mRNA transcripts in paraffin-embedded tissue by mRNA liberation in fixed-treated tissue. This method includes treating the tissue with ammonia-ethanol and sodium borohydride combined with pressure cooking of the tissue. The chemical treatments reduce the tissue autofluorescence and the physical treatments overcome the interference created by the fixation-induced chemical bonds. The methods of the patent can be utilized to identify a plurality of mRNA transcripts in a microarray format.

Pall Corp. of East Hills, NY, has received US Patent No. 7,326,776, “Preparation and use of mixed mode solid substrates for chromatography adsorbents and biochip arrays.” The patent claims a method for the separation of biological substances from a sample by: a) contacting a solid substrate that includes a solid support with a biological substance; b) adsorbing the biological substance to the solid substrate; c) washing the solid substrate obtained with an equilibration buffer; and d) adjusting the pH so that the biological substance desorbs from the solid substrate.