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European Commission, MWG Biotech, Lynx Therapeutics, Genelabs Technologies, Nanogen, Tegal


First Call for European Commission’s Sixth Framework

The European Commission is beginning the first of 49 scheduled calls for proposals for some €5 billion under the Sixth Framework Program, the European Union’s main instrument for funding research, including €2.5 billion for life sciences. This first budget allocation under the framework includes research in genomics, biotechnology for health and nanotechnology.


MWG Biotech and Hitachi Software Engineering in Deal

MWG Biotech of Ebersberg, Germany, and Hitachi Software Engineering, announced a strategic alliance. Hitachi is acquiring an exclusive license to MWG Biotech’s MWG Inside, a microarray product, for distribution within Japan. Financial terms were not disclosed.


Lynx Seeks to Keep its Nasdaq Stripes

Lynx Therapeutics said it would appeal a Nasdaq delisting ruling made in mid-December. Lynx was subject to the delisting because it has fallen below minimum requirements for maintaining its listing on the exchange when its stock failed to maintain a minimum bid price of $1. With the appeal, Lynx will continue to trade on the exchange pending a final ruling. The San Diego-based company said it is exploring alternatives that may include a reverse stock split, subject to shareholder approval, or a transfer to the Nasdaq Smallcap Market, which extends the grace period for a minimum $1 bid price. The company is also seeking stockholder approval for Lynx’ board to order a reverse split. Earlier, Lynx announced a service agreement with the Woods Holed Oceanographic Institution to study the marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium fundyense, an algae often behind the formation of the “red tide” algal blooms.


GeneLabs Licenses LADA Technology

Genelabs Technologies of Redwood City, Calif., has sold a non-exclusive license to technology covered under US Patent No. 6,107,023 “DNA Amplification and Subtraction Techniques.” The company did not disclose the licensee or financial details on its first license sale of its Linker-Aided DNA Amplification technology. The patent covers a method of amplifying nucleic acids by attaching DNA linkers of known sequence to the ends of DNA sequences targeted for amplification. By adding these linkers to target DNA molecules, the precise sequences of which need not be known, scientists and researchers can design and construct primers complementary to the attached linkers. The primers are then used in amplifying the target DNA sequences.


Nanogen Sets Price on CombiMatrix Shares Received in Settlement

Nanogen of San Diego announced that it will include $10.8 million in income in the fourth quarter as a result of its settlement agreement with CombiMatrix. The announcement came after CombiMatrix began trading on the Nasdaq exchange on Dec. 16, setting the price for the 4,016,346 shares that were given to Nanogen as part of a settlement in a trade secrets dispute.


Tegal to Supply Etch System to Zyomyx

Tegal of Petaluma, Calif., has completed a sale of its 903e plasma etch system to Zyomyx of Hayward, Calif. The system is used to etch structures in silicon, silicon nitride, and silicon dioxide, in organic materials like BCB and polyimide and in noble metals, like platinum and gold. Zyomyx will use it to create a protein profiling biochip product.


The Scan

Transcriptomic, Epigenetic Study Appears to Explain Anti-Viral Effects of TB Vaccine

Researchers report in Science Advances on an interferon signature and long-term shifts in monocyte cell DNA methylation in Bacille Calmette-Guérin-vaccinated infant samples.

DNA Storage Method Taps Into Gene Editing Technology

With a dual-plasmid system informed by gene editing, researchers re-wrote DNA sequences in E. coli to store Charles Dickens prose over hundreds of generations, as they recount in Science Advances.

Researchers Model Microbiome Dynamics in Effort to Understand Chronic Human Conditions

Investigators demonstrate in PLOS Computational Biology a computational method for following microbiome dynamics in the absence of longitudinally collected samples.

New Study Highlights Role of Genetics in ADHD

Researchers report in Nature Genetics on differences in genetic architecture between ADHD affecting children versus ADHD that persists into adulthood or is diagnosed in adults.