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Corning, Hai Kang Life, Applera

Corning of Corning, NY, has received US Patent No. 7,390,463, “Microcolumn-based, high-throughput microfluidic device.” The patent claims a biological assay device for use in molecular biology, pharmaceutical research, genomic analysis, combinatorial chemistry, and in the general field of the analysis of molecules. Specifically, the device includes a fluidic or microfluidic device, which integrates fluidic capability into existing multi-well plates of standard configuration, for performing either single or continuous fluidic manipulations in a high-throughout format. Methods for the use and manufacture of these devices are also provided.

Hai Kang Life of Hong Kong has received US Patent No. 7,390,622, “Apparatus and methods for detecting nucleic acid in biological samples.” The patent claims a method of performing field-assisted hybridization in the detection of nucleic acid targets from a sample by: a) providing a reaction cell having a layer formed of a dielectric material defining an attachment surface; b) providing a metal electrode in direct contact with the dielectric attachment layer; c) attaching nucleic acid capture probes to the dielectric attachment layer; d) adding the sample to the reaction cell; and e) providing an electrical potential to the metal electrode causing a charge separation in the dielectric attachment layer but without generating a flow of electric current or causing transfer of electrons between the layer and the sample.

Applera has received US Patent No. 7,388,664, “Methods for improving the performance of a detector.” The patent claims a system and method for allowing adjustments of various parameters associated with the operation of charge-coupled devices adapted for use in biological analysis devices, such as probe arrays. Gate voltage signals applied to the CCDs can be adjusted to affect the manner in which charge is transferred from pixels. The manner in which transferred charges from the pixels are processed in a readout process can also be adjusted to advantageously change the speed of the CCD based detector. Various methods of performing such adjustments are disclosed.

The Scan

US Booster Eligibility Decision

The US CDC director recommends that people at high risk of developing COVID-19 due to their jobs also be eligible for COVID-19 boosters, in addition to those 65 years old and older or with underlying medical conditions.

Arizona Bill Before Judge

The Arizona Daily Star reports that a judge weighing whether a new Arizona law restricting abortion due to genetic conditions is a ban or a restriction.

Additional Genes

Wales is rolling out new genetic testing service for cancer patients, according to BBC News.

Science Papers Examine State of Human Genomic Research, Single-Cell Protein Quantification

In Science this week: a number of editorials and policy reports discuss advances in human genomic research, and more.