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CombiMatrix, Acacia Research, Scienion, Affymetrix, Stratagene, Asuragen

CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics, a subsidiary of CombiMatrix, this week launched its Constitutional Genetic Array Test service, which the firm claims can genetically identify over 50 common genetic disorders in one test.
The service targets young patients with developmental disorders that are either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed through conventional techniques. CMDX claims its service can accurately identify the specific genomic abnormality that is the cause of the clinical disorder, leading to better treatment.

CombiMatrix’s Influenza A Array 3.0 is also now available, CMBX’s parent Acacia Research said last month. Incorporated into version 3.0 are the new sequences that have been released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that includes the strains from recent infections and deaths in Indonesia, the firm said.
According to Acacia, version 3.0 can identify all strains of Influenza A, including bird and human varieties, differentiate highly pathogenic from less-lethal flu strains, and identify strains that may be resistant to drug therapy.

Scienion this week launched its sciFlexArrayer S1, a mini non-contact, piezo- dispensing microarrayer designed for use in research and academic laboratories.
According to Scienion, the S1 is capable of non-contact arraying of DNA and proteins, the production of cell transfection arrays, and the preparation of MALDI targets. The single-channel system can work with one standard microtiter source plate and up to four glass or polymer slides or MALDI MS carriers, the firm said.

Affymetrix announced last month that a beta version of Affymetrix GeneChip Command Console, its new instrument control software, is now available for download on its website.
According to Affy, AGCC is scheduled to launch commercially in early 2007 and will replace its current GeneChip Operating Software and will support all cartridge-based GeneChip arrays with a file-based system that offers features for sample and array registration, data management, fluidics and scanning instrument control, as well as automatic and manual image gridding.
AGCC will also produce probe cell intensity data, and will offer integrated data management with search capabilities, desktop and Web interface versions, integrated instrument control, as well as customization and integration with in-house and third-party software tools.
Affymetrix added that it will continue to support GCOS into 2008.

Stratagene last month launched its ArrayAssist Copy Number Software. The company recommends the software for copy number analysis, and claims it can enable researchers to manipulate and analyze the data sets generated by chromosomal copy number microarrays.
The software is the third application developed for the ArrayAssist platform, which also includes ArrayAssist Expression and ArrayAssist Exon. All ArrayAssist applications have earned GeneChip-compatible status with the Affymetrix platform, Stratagene said.

Asuragen said last month that it has added new microarray content to its microRNA Expression Profiling Service.
In addition to content available through the Sanger miRBase 8.0 database, the company’s new miRNA array also contains 152 microRNAs with confirmed expression in human tissues, Asuragen said. The company added that the new sequences are exclusive to its microRNA Expression Profiling Service offering and are not available through any other service provider.
Asuragen’s miRNA arrays are manufactured using GE Healthcare's CodeLink technology.