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Bor-Iuan Jan, Fluidigm

Bor-Iuan Jan of Pingtung, Taiwan, has received US Patent No. 7,118,908, “On-spot selectively activated hydrophobic slide and preparation thereof.” The patent claims a selectively activated hydrophobic slide or microarray coated with a hydrophobic copolymer. According to the patent’s abstract, the polymer is prepared by the blending, grafting or co-polymerization of a hydrophobic material and a compound bearing a functional group protected by a protecting group, where the functional group is imide or cyclic amide, and the protecting group is a photo acid group such as a tosyloxy group. The hydrophobic copolymer is then formed, coated on a substrate, and then subjected to selective photolithographical activation so that the slide will have functional active copolymer spots separated by inactive copolymers. The resulting slide is suitable for the preparation of arrays, the patent states.


Fluidigm of South San Francisco, Calif., has received US Patent No. 7,118,910, ”Microfluidic device and methods of using same.” The patent claims a variety of elastomeric-based microfluidic devices and methods for using and manufacturing such devices. Some of the devices have arrays of reaction sites to facilitate high-throughput analyses, according to the patent’s abstract. Some devices also include reaction sites located at the end of blind channels at which reagents have been previously deposited during manufacture. The reagents become suspended once sample is introduced into the reaction site. The devices can be utilized with a variety of heating devices and thus can be used in a variety of analyses requiring temperature control, including nucleic acid amplification reactions, genotyping, and gene expression analyses.

The Scan

Shape of Them All

According to BBC News, researchers have developed a protein structure database that includes much of the human proteome.

For Flu and More

The Wall Street Journal reports that several vaccine developers are working on mRNA-based vaccines for influenza.

To Boost Women

China's Ministry of Science and Technology aims to boost the number of female researchers through a new policy, reports the South China Morning Post.

Science Papers Describe Approach to Predict Chemotherapeutic Response, Role of Transcriptional Noise

In Science this week: neural network to predict chemotherapeutic response in cancer patients, and more.