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BD Biosciences Clontech, Corning


BD Biosciences Clontech has introduced the Ab Array 500 microarray. The glass slide array, which succeeds a chip with 380 antibodies, enables users to fluorescently detect proteins for signal transduction, cell-cycle regulation, gene transcription, and apoptosis. Acording to BD Clontech, detection of as little as 20 pg/ml of each protein target is possible.


Corning has introduced a new line of microarray reagents. The Pronto cDNA and Universal Microarray Reagent System is offered as a complete microarray suite of products, optimized for use with Corning’s UltraGaps slides, for printing through hybridization, the company said.

The product package includes a new spotting solution with a sensitivity of 0.5 pg per 5µg of input Total RNA, or one to two copies per 500,000 cells. The systems are comprised of kits for system validation, printing, and hybridization.

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New Study Highlights Role of Genetics in ADHD

Researchers report in Nature Genetics on differences in genetic architecture between ADHD affecting children versus ADHD that persists into adulthood or is diagnosed in adults.

Study Highlights Pitfall of Large Gene Panels in Clinical Genomic Analysis

An analysis in Genetics in Medicine finds that as gene panels get larger, there is an increased chance of uncovering benign candidate variants.

Single-Cell Atlas of Drosophila Embryogenesis

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Phage Cocktail Holds Promise for IBD

Researchers uncovered a combination phage therapy that targets Klebsiella pneumonia strains among individuals experiencing inflammatory bowel disease flare ups, as they report in Cell.