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Agilent Technologies, Kreatech Biotechnology, Affymetrix

Agilent Technologies this week announced that its Human Genome CGH Microarray Kit has undergone a density upgrade.
The company’s oligo-based chips for array CGH are now available with 244,000 features per slide or containing two arrays per slide, with 105,000 features apiece. The 244K chips have more than five times more content than the 44K chips Agilent has sold since 2005.

Kreatech Biotechnology last week launched its Genome-pULSe arrayCGH Whole Genome Amplification and Labeling Kit for arrayCGH analysis.
This kit combines Qiagen’s REPLI-g kit, which enables amplification of genomic DNA isolated from tissue or cells, with Kreatech’s Universal Linkage System reagents. The Genome-pULSe Kit is available with Kreatech’s ULS labeling molecule bound to Cy3 and Cy5 dyes licensed from GE Healthcare
The Genome-pULSe kit expands Kreatech’s arrayCGH portfolio. In June 2005 the company launched its ULS arrayCGH Labeling Kits.

Affymetrix recently introduced its GeneChip Hybridization, Wash, and Stain Kit, which it claims provides all reagents required to complete the hybridization, wash, and staining processes for GeneChip arrays in cartridge format, following the target preparation steps described for its 3’ eukaryotic, prokaryotic, and exon assays.
The kit includes pre-formulated solutions to process 30 arrays on Affy’s GeneChip Fluidics Station 400 or 450.