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Agilent Technologies, Compound Therapeutics, Maven Technologies


Agilent Technologies of Palo Alto, Calif., has received US Patent No. 7,022,157, "Devices and methods for performing array based assays." The patent claims devices and methods for performing an array assay, including a degassing zone that includes a gas permeable membrane. The patent also claims array assemblies that include a degassing zone positioned on an array substrate, as well as a method for contacting an array with a sample under conditions sufficient to perform an array assay, where the contacting step further includes degassing the sample. Also claimed are systems and kits for use in practicing the subject methods.

Compound Therapeutics of Waltham, Mass., has received US Patent No. 7,022,479, "Sensitive, multiplexed diagnostic assays for protein analysis." The patent describes methods for detecting multiple compounds in a sample, involving contacting the sample with a mixture of binding reagents on a solid support such as a microarray, allowing the protein portions of the binding reagents and the compounds to form complexes, capturing the binding reagent-compound complexes, amplifying the nucleic acid portions of the complex binding reagents, and detecting the unique identification tag of each of the amplified nucleic acids to detect the corresponding compounds in the sample. Kits for carrying out the methods are also claimed.

Maven Technologies of Los Angeles has received US Patent No. 7,023,547, "Apparatus including a biochip for imaging of biological samples and method." The patent claims an imaging apparatus that images the changes in height of reactive spots on the surface of a slide and requires the surface roughness of the slide to be small enough to distinguish the changes in height from the roughness features of the slide.


The Scan

Highly Similar

Researchers have uncovered bat viruses that are highly similar to SARS-CoV-2, according to Nature News.

Gain of Oversight

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden Administration is considering greater oversight of gain-of-function research.

Lasker for mRNA Vaccine Work

The Scientist reports that researchers whose work enabled the development of mRNA-based vaccines are among this year's Lasker Award winners

PLOS Papers on Causal Variant Mapping, Ancient Salmonella, ALK Fusion Test for NSCLC

In PLOS this week: MsCAVIAR approach to map causal variants, analysis of ancient Salmonella, and more.