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Agilent Technologies : Jul 1, 2008

Agilent Technologies last week launched DNA Analytics 4.0, a software package for visually exploring, detecting, and analyzing patterns in microarray data.
Agilent said that DNA Analytics 4.0 offers the ability to analyze more than 100 samples per experiment as well as a free genomic browser and copy number variation analysis capability.
The previous version of DNA Analytics included chromatin immunoprecipitation-on-chip, array-based comparative genomic hybridization, and gene expression analytics capabilities, Agilent said.

The company also has updated its eArray online design tool for creating custom microarrays by expanding the CGH probe database from 8.4 million to more than 24.5 million probes.

The Scan

Plan Rebuffed

The Associated Press reports China has rejected the World Health Organization's proposal to include the lab-leak theory in the next phase of its investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

Opossum Change

Researchers from Riken have used CRISPR to edit marsupial genomes, as Technology Review reports.

In the Ice

Cosmos magazine reports that researchers have uncovered more than two dozen ancient viruses in a Tibetan glacier.

Nature Papers Present Method to Uncover Differential RNA Modifications, Neutrophils in Innate Immune Response

In Nature this week: computational approach to identifying differential RNA modifications, and more.