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Affymetrix, HTG, Randox

Affymetrix last week launched its 3' IVT Express Kit, which it claims is a faster and more reliable option for manual target preparation on Affymetrix' industry-standard 3' IVT array cartridges.
The kit offers streamlined protocols and requires less starting sample material, enabling researchers to generate high-quality gene expression results faster than previously, Affy said.
For example, the 3' IVT Express Kit requires 50 nanograms per sample, up to 20 times less than the previous One Cycle Kit. Another benefit is that assays can be run in just one day with 500 nanograms of starting material input versus two days with the One Cycle Kit. This allows assays to be completed overnight, Affy said.

HTG last week launched M3 Series, a multiplexed mini-microarray set up for biomarker discovery and gene profiling. The M3 series allows researchers to monitor the behavior of multiple genes in the same sample, simplifying experiments and lowering costs, HTG said.
According to HTG, the M3 Series consists of HTG's qCustom ArrayPlate, qFix Arrays, and two chemiluminescent imagers, the Omix II Imager, and Capella Imager, that are used in conjunction with the firm’s customizable multiplexed mini-microarrays.
In addition to the custom M3 arrays, HTG has also introduced qSelect Custom Arrays, built from an expanding library of on-demand genes.

Randox recently launched RanplexCRC, a diagnostic that can detect 28 mutations from four key genes in cancer or pre-cancer cells shed into the bowel. Selected mutations present in APC, KRAS, BRAF and Tp53, along with wild-type control sequences, are represented on two biochips, the company said.
The biochips are configured to work with Randox’s Evidence platform, an automated system for high-throughput laboratories, as well as its Evidence Investigator, a semi-automated system for low-throughput laboratories and research purposes.

The Scan

Rise of B.1.617.2 in the UK

According to the Guardian, UK officials expect the B.1.617.2 variant to soon be the dominant version of SARS-CoV-2 there.

Anne Schuchat to Retire

Anne Schuchat is retiring after more than 30 years at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Politico reports.

US to Share More Vaccines

CNN reports that the US will share 20 million doses of the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson SARS-CoV-2 vaccines with other countries.

PNAS Papers on Gene Therapy Platform, Aspergillus Metabolome, Undernutrition Model Microbiome

In PNAS this week: approach to deliver protein-based treatments to cells, pan-secondary metabolome of Aspergillus, and more.