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Affymetrix, Corimbia, Open Biosystems


Affymetrix is now offering customers early access to a new product called CustomSeq for resequencing up to 30 kb of unique sequence (60 kb if counting both strands). The tiling strategy is different from its HuSNP probe arrays, according to the company. Affymetrix will make further details available at a later date.

Corimbia has released its Probe Profiler software for signal quantification and data quality assessment of data obtained from Affymetrix arrays. According to Corimbia, the software analyzes data across an experiment rather than one scan at a time, and is able to determine data quality problems associated with chip quality, RNA quality, and scanner problems quickly.

Open Biosystems of Huntsville, Ala., is offering cDNA and EST clones. The company said it is going to distribute the DOE/NCI’s IMAGE cDNA clone selection but will initially focus on supplying full length cDNA subsets called the Mammalian Gene Collection. MGC contains over 11,000 human and 8,500 mouse full length sequenced cDNA clones. Moreover, Open Biosystems will offer the University of Iowa’s Rat Non Redundant EST Collection and other collections, both individually and as complete sets. It is also building pathway-specific subsets for printing microarrays or expressing proteins. Furthermore, the company offers two collections of mapped BAC clones, created by the NCI and the Human BAC Consortium, that cover the human genome. BAC DNA from these collections could be used to print arrays for comparative genomic hybridization, according to the company.

The Scan

Not Yet a Permanent One

NPR says the lack of a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner has "flummoxed" public health officials.

Unfair Targeting

Technology Review writes that a new report says the US has been unfairly targeting Chinese and Chinese-American individuals in economic espionage cases.

Limited Rapid Testing

The New York Times wonders why rapid tests for COVID-19 are not widely available in the US.

Genome Research Papers on IPAFinder, Structural Variant Expression Effects, Single-Cell RNA-Seq Markers

In Genome Research this week: IPAFinder method to detect intronic polyadenylation, influence of structural variants on gene expression, and more.