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Affymetrix, Bioneer Corporation, Fuji Photo Film, Agilent Technologies, Picoliter


Affymetrix received US Patent No. 6,747,143, “Methods for polymer synthesis.” The patent covers a technology for the use of light to prepare a substrate containing a number of sequences.

Bioneer Corporation of Chungbuk, South Korea, received US Patent No. 6,746,842, “Bio-molecular chip and manufacturing process thereof.” The patent covers a bio-molecular microchip and manufacturing process.

Fuji Photo Film of Kanagawa-ken, Japan, received US Patent No. 6,746,840, “Microarray and analyzing method using the same.” The patent covers a method for manufacturing a microarray composed of a stimulatable phosphor sheet, and multiple kinds of biomolecules arrayed and fixed on it. The labeled biomolecule is brought into contact with the microarray and is subjected to hybridization with a fixed biomolecule. The emitted light is photoelectrically detected.

Agilent Technologies received US Patent No. 6,746,649, “Reaction chamber roll pump.” The patent covers a technology for circulating sample solution within a reaction chamber containing a microarray. The reaction chamber contains, on each side, a shallow vertical we;; and a deep vertical well at the corners of the microarray. The vertical wells are engineered with a gap between the active surface and the bottom of the reaction chamber, which is filled with sample solution. As the reaction chamber is rotated, sample solution from the deep vertical well displaces sample solution in the gap between the active surface of the microarray and the bottom of the reaction vessel, and sample solution from that gap is, in turn, displaced into the shallow vertical well, from which it flows along the inner surface of a cover strip above the microarray back to the deep vertical well.

Picoliter of Sunnyvale, Calif., received US Patent No. 6,746,104, “Method for generating molecular arrays on porous surfaces.” The patent covers a method for generating molecular arrays of very high density on porous surfaces. The method involves the application of focused acoustic energy to each of a number of fluid-containing reservoirs to eject a small fluid droplet—on the order of 1 picoliter or less—from each reservoir to a site on a porous substrate surface. High density molecular arrays with greater 62,500 molecular moieties serving as array elements, are present on a porous surface.

The Scan

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Based on variants from across 21 drug response genes, researchers in The Pharmacogenomics Journal suspect that tumor-only DNA sequences may miss drug response clues found in the germline.

Breast Cancer Risk Gene Candidates Found by Multi-Ancestry Low-Frequency Variant Analysis

Researchers narrowed in on new and known risk gene candidates with variant profiles for almost 83,500 individuals with breast cancer and 59,199 unaffected controls in Genome Medicine.

Health-Related Quality of Life Gets Boost After Microbiome-Based Treatment for Recurrent C. Diff

A secondary analysis of Phase 3 clinical trial data in JAMA Network Open suggests an investigational oral microbiome-based drug may lead to enhanced quality of life measures.

Study Follows Consequences of Early Confirmatory Trials for Accelerated Approval Indications

Time to traditional approval or withdrawal was shorter when confirmatory trials started prior to accelerated approval, though overall regulatory outcomes remained similar, a JAMA study finds.