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Affymetrix, Agilent Technologies, Maven Technologies

Affymetrix has received US Patent No. 7,125,161, “Methods for mixing fluid in a rotating container.” The patent claims devices, systems, and methods for mixing biological fluids, where one device is adapted for holding at least one cartridge having a planar-faced chamber containing a biological fluid. The device comprises a rotatable body having a rotational axis. The rotatable body includes at least one mounting element which is adapted to mount the rotatable body so that the face of the chamber is generally perpendicular to the rotational axis, according to the patent’s abstract.

Affymetrix has also received US Patent No. 7,125,947, “Functionalized silicon compounds and methods for their synthesis and use.” The patent claims functionalized silicon compounds that include at least one activated silicon group and at least one derivatizable functional group. The functionalized silicon compounds may be covalently attached to surfaces to form functionalized surfaces that may then be used in a wide range of different applications such as providing a functionalized surface on a substrate to which molecules may be attached. The method also enables the formation of high-density arrays of nucleic acids immobilized on a substrate, which may be used in conducting high-volume nucleic acid hybridization assays, the patent’s abstract states.

Agilent Technologies has received US Patent No. 7,125,523, “Holders for arrays.” The patent claims a holder for an array unit having a planar substrate and an array of chemical moieties on a surface of the substrate. The holder may include a body with a retaining mechanism that retains an array unit in a seated position, according to the patent’s abstract. The holder identifier may also include data on a characteristic of the holder or seated array or be linkable to a file containing such information. An apparatus, method, and computer program product that may be used with such a holder are also described.


Maven Technologies of Los Angeles has received US Patent No. 7,126,688, “Microarray scanning.” The patent claims methods and an apparatus for scanning a microarray to provide an image of the microarray. Data related to change in polarization state of a scanning light beam for individual points or lines or other portion of the microarray are collected and then processed to image the microarray at high resolution and speed.

The Scan

US Supports Patent Waivers

NPR reports that the Biden Administration has announced its support for waiving intellectual property protections for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.

Vaccines Versus Variants

Two studies find the Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to be effective against viral variants, and Moderna reports on booster shots to combat variants.

CRISPR for What Ails You

The Wall Street Journal writes that CRISPR-based therapies could someday be used to treat common conditions like heart attacks.

Nature Papers Review Integration of Single-Cell Assay Data, Present Approach to Detect Rare Variants

In Nature this week: review of ways to integrate data from single-cell assays, and more.