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ABRF Begins Annual Microarray Survey


What does a microarray laboratory look like today? The Microarray Research Group of the Association of Biomolecular Resources Facilities wants to know. The group, led by Kevin Knudtson of the University of Iowa, and Andrew Brooks, of the University of Rochester Medical Center, has begun gathering responses for its annual microarray survey.

Available online at, the survey is used to collect information on instrumentation, protocols, staffing, funding and throughput. Responses will be used to create a profile of microarray analysis laboratories.

The survey consists of a general section, and sections on spotted microarrays and Affymetrix.

The survey is designed to gather information from academic, pharmaceutical, and commercial laboratories that offer microarray technologies as a shared or core resource, and also individual labs.

Results will be presented at the ABRF meeting in Denver, Colo., Feb. 10-13.

Last year’s survey, presented at the March 2002 ABRF meeting in Austin, Texas, found, in a study of Affymetrix chips, that variability was lab-to-lab, and not chip-to-chip.

Researchers from 10 universities participated in the study. Seven microarray facilities provided data from Affymetrix murine U74A and human U95A arrays, and Albert Einstein College of Medicine provided data from spotted arrays.