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Zycos Wins DNA-Delivery Patent

NEW YORK, Nov. 19 — Zycos, a Lexington, Mass., drug-development company, announced on Monday that it has been granted a patent on its microparticle DNA delivery method.


According to the company, the invention, called GENCAP, protects DNA from degradation in the body. The microparticles that protect the DNA are derived from a material also used in resorbable sutures, and Zycos has adapted the material to encapsulate and protect plasmid DNA vaccines.


This technique, according to the company, is superior to naked DNA vaccines in its ability to deliver antigen-coding DNA into relevant immune system cells and generate a robust B-cell and cytotoxic T-cell response.


The patent was granted on Oct. 30.


Zycos is also developing its own drug pipeline, focusing on treatments for cancers, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders, and currently has one treatment for cervical dysplasia in early clinical trials.

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