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Who’s Who in the Proteomics World


Meet a few of the founders of and leading contributors to modern-day protein analysis:


Ruedi Aebersold, 47

Seattle, Wash.

Position: cofounder, Institute for Systems Biology

Other: adjunct professor, University of Zurich; affiliate professor, University of Washington; scientific advisor to several proteomics companies including Oxford GlycoSciences

Education: PhD cellular biology, University of Basel, 1983; postdoc Caltech Division of Biology

Claim to Fame: 1986: figured out how to fragment proteins separated by 2D gels and extract and sequence peptides, later adapting method to mass spec;1999: ICAT technology


Al Burlingame, 64

San Francisco, Calif.

Position: professor of chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, University of California, San Francisco

Other: director, NIH NCRR Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Research Resource at UCB and UCSF since 1973; professor of biochemistry, University College, London, UK, and Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, London

Education: PhD chemistry, MIT; Guggenheim Fellow, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

Claim to Fame: developed tandem mass spec for sequencing of proteins in 2D SDS PAGE protein spots; early developments in mass spec of proteins in 1 and 2D gels that have made current proteomics applications possible


John Yates, 43

La Jolla, Calif.

Position: associate professor, department of cell biology, The Scripps Research Institute

Other: director, department of proteomics and metabolomics, Torrey Mesa Research Institute

Education: PhD chemistry, University of Virginia

Claim to Fame: protein sequence analysis by tandem mass spec; shotgun proteomics


Samir Hanash

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Position: professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases in the University of Michigan Medical School

Claim to Fame: cancer proteomics research, president of HUPO



Keith Rose, 50

North Brunswick, NJ

Position: chief scientific officer, GeneProt

Other: cofounder GeneProt, GeneBio, Ciphergen, and Gryphon Sciences; consultant to many major pharma and biotech companies

Education: PhD chemistry, Oxford University

Claim to Fame: pioneered techniques of protein quantitation by stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry and of identification of carboxy-terminal peptides by oxygen labeling


Scott Patterson, 39

Rockville, Md.

Position: vice president of proteomics, Celera Genomics

Education: PhD physiology and pharmacology, University of Queensland

Claim to Fame: developed methods for PSD-MALDI-MS-based identification of proteins from gels; established first chromatography/mass spec-based proteomics platform


Steve Martin, 44

Framingham, Mass.

Position: director, Applied Biosystems’ Proteomics Research Center

Education: PhD analytical chemistry, MIT, 1984

Claim to Fame: MALDI TOF/TOF


Marvin Vestal, 67

Framingham, Mass.

Position: scientific fellow and vice president for mass spectrometry, Applied Biosystems'' Proteome Research Center

Other: founder of Vestec, which was purchased by PerSeptive Biosystems

Education: PhD chemical physics, University of Utah, 1975

Claim to Fame: invented thermospray, MALDI TOF/TOF


Brian Chait, 52

New York, NY

Position: professor at Rockefeller University

Other: cofounder of ProteoMetrics

Education: PhD nuclear physics University of Oxford, 1976

Claim to Fame: director of the Rockefeller University Mass Spectrometric Biotechnology Research Resource


N. Leigh Anderson, 52

Germantown, Md.

Position: co-founder and CSO, Large Scale Biology, working at LSBC''s proteomics subsidiary

Other: cofounder of the Molecular Anatomy Program at Argonne National Lab

Education: PhD molecular biology, Cambridge University, 1975

Claim to Fame: large scale applications of 2D electrophoretic protein mapping technology


Norman G. Anderson

(Pictured at right with son Leigh) Germantown, Md.

Position: Chief Scientist, Large Scale Proteomics

Education: PhD Duke University, 1951

Claim to Fame: one of many: development of zonal centrifuges


Ron Appel, 42

Geneva, Switzerland

Position: founder of Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Other: cofounder, GeneBio, GeneProt

Education: PhD computer science, University of Geneva

Claim to Fame: ExPASy server


Raj Parekh

Abindgdon, Oxon, UK

Position: founding research director and chief scientist, Oxford GlycoSciences


Education: PhD Oxford University

Claim to Fame: OGS


Walter Blackstock

London, UK

Position: vice president, technology, Cellzome

Claim to Fame: directed GlaxoSmithKline''s Cell Map Unit and technology, acquired by Cellzome in September


Marc Wilkins, 34

Sydney, Australia

Position: vp for bioinformatics, Proteome Systems

Education: PhD Macquarie University; postdoctoral fellowship, University of Geneva; senior postdoc, Australian Proteome Analysis Facility

Claim to Fame: coined the word proteomics and co-edited first book on proteomics with Williams, Appel, and Hochstrasser


Denis Hochstrasser, 48

Geneva, Switzerland

Position: internist and clinical chemist, full professor, head of central clinical chemistry laboratory and director of the department of pathology, Geneva University Hospital

Other: founder of Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, GeneBio, and GeneProt; chairman of GeneProt scientific advisory board

Education: MD: medical student in Geneva and Duke University; internal medicine internship and residency at UNC Chapel Hill; researcher in biochemistry and neurogenetics at NIH

Claim to Fame: innovations in the methodology of 2D gel electrophoresis, 2D gel imaging, ExPASy web server and proteomics and bioinformatics tools; also Molecular Scanner concept and realization


Amos Bairoch

Geneva, Switzerland

Position: group leader, Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics

Other: cofounder, GeneBio and GeneProt and Professor of Bioinformatics at the Medical Biochemistry department of the University of Geneva

Education: University of Geneva

Claim to Fame: SwissProt, ExPASy server


Peter Roepstorff, 59

Odense, Denmark

Position: professor of protein chemistry, Odense University (University of Southern Denmark)

Other: director of Center for Experimental BioInformatics under the Danish National Research Foundation

Education: graduated in chemical engineering from the Danish Technical University; honorary doctorate, Uppsala University

Claim to Fame: trained numerous next-generation proteomicists


Dolores Cahill


Position: protein array researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Genetics

Other:group leader of the proteomics group at Royal College of Surgeons,

Institute of Biopharmaceuticals, Dublin

Education: PhD, Dublin City University, postdoc, Max Planck Institute,Berlin

Claim to Fame: high-density protein arrays


Angelika Görg

Munich, Germany

Position: director of proteomics group, Technical University of Munich

Other: president of the German Electrophoresis Society

Claim to Fame: fundamental contributions to the field of 2-D PAGE including immobilized pH gradient, which has been adopted as the de facto standard for carrying out the first-dimension (iso-electric focusing) separation


Robin Offord

Geneva, Switzerland

Position: professor of medical biochemistry, University of Geneva

Other: co-founder GeneProt, Ciphergen Biosystems, Gryphon Sciences, and Geneva Bioinformatics

Education: PhD and post-doc at the Molecular Biology Laboratory, Cambridge, UK

Claim to Fame:protein semisynthesis



Ian Humphery-Smith

Utrecht, Netherlands

Position: faculty in department of pharmaceutical proteomics, University of Utrecht

Other: COO of Glaucus Proteomics B.V.

Education: PhD parasitology, University of Queensland 1984

Claim to Fame: helped establish the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility, founded HUPO


Matthias Mann, 42

Odense, Denmark

Position: provessor of bioinformatics, University of Southern Denmark

Other: chief proteomics officer and founder, MDS Proteomics

Education: Studied at: Georg August Universität Göttingen, Max Planck Institut für Strömungsforschung Göttingen, Yale University, Odense University, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg

Claim to Fame: The Protein Interaction Laboratory


Keith Williams, 53

Sydney, Australia

Position: founder, CEO, Proteome Systems

Other: chairman, Xcelerator Ltd; adjunct professor, Sydney University; adjunct professor, Macquarie University

Education: PhD Australian National University; junior research fellow Wolfson College, Oxford University, junior professor Max Planck Institut for Biochemistry, Munich

Claim to Fame: founding director of the Australian Proteomic Analysis Facility, the world’s first national proteomics facility, in 1995


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