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While reading your article “The Prognosis for Genomics Diagnostics” (October 2001, p. 64), I was struck by the coincidence that earlier in the day I had read that Abbott Labs is purchasing Vysis (see GenomeWeb. com’s Oct. 24 coverage). I am writing to encourage you to consider writing an article on the “version 1” genomics diagnostic companies that sell (or sold) fluorescence in situ hybridization products. These could include Vysis, Applied Imaging, Applied Spectral Imaging, CytoCell, MetaSystems, and perhaps the late Oncor.

Keep up the good writing and editing.

George McNamara, PhD, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles — Image Core

p.s. The article on standards for microarrays (“Seduced by the S-Word,” p. 87) misses the point that the patient outcome data needs to be included in the analyses. This is an issue that the yeast and cell line arrayologists do not get.


What is wrong with you people? DNAP had a press release earlier this week, and you still haven’t got it on your website; get with the program. I think Mr. Frudakis would appreciate it. You did feature him a few months ago.

A. Holman, DNA Print shareholder

(Editors’ note: GenomeWeb publications are not in the practice of posting press releases. All of our content is bylined news produced by our team of 11 journalists.)


I have had a copy of your recent article (“Heard it Through the Membrane,” October 2001, p. 102) dropped on my lap and feel I must set the record straight. True, Agilent has been laying off employees, but not from the life sciences business. In fact, we are still hiring.

Doug Forsyth, CAG PR manager, Agilent Technologies


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