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UPDATE: Luminex to Market Upgraded Microarray Analyzer in Q1 2001

This story has been updated from a previous version.

NEW YORK, Oct 5 -  Luminex Corporation (Nasdaq: LMNX) plans to make available an enhanced version of its Luminex 100 microarray analyzer available for sale in the first quarter of 2001, the company said Thursday.

Earlier in the day the company announced an unrelated partnership deal for commercializing its proprietary microarray technology.

The Luminex 100, which the company currently sells, is a benchtop analyzer capable of performing up to 100 simultaneous assays with the company’s LabMap microarray technology.

The new machine “ is a high speed version of the Luminex 100,” John Porter, Luminex's Director of Business Development, told GenomeWeb. It includes a fluid handler, an added feature that allows testers to read an entire plate quickly. The machine is currently undergoing beta testing.

Meanwhile, the company announced Thursday it had licensed its LabMap technology platform to Upstate Biotechnology, a producer of reagents and assay kits.

Upstate of Lake Placid, NY, will offer cytokine assay kits that utilize the LabMap technology, where microspheres, small lasers, digital processors and software are employed to perform up to 100 assays per drop of fluid. Luminex will receive royalty payments from Upstate based on the sale of the kits.

The partnership exemplifies Luminex’s strategy to form partnerships with companies that develop commercial applications for its technology, according to Porter.
In the last quarter, the company reported it had completed 17 similar deals for use of its technology with partners that had products under development, but this is the first time a company has actually launched a product that incorporates LabMap technology.

" Upstate's new line of cytokine reagent kits based on our technology represents a milestone achievement for us as we strive to establish the LabMap technology as an industry-standard platform,” Porter said. “We expect to see several more Luminex-based product offerings by strategic partners in the fourth quarter."

The Upstate system includes 6 single cytokine assay kits and one multi-analyte cytokine kit. The multi-analyte kit will allow scientists to quantify levels of five cytokines at once.

For scientists who use the Luminex detection technology, Upstate will offer optimized accessory bead reagents and reporter antibodies, as well as Bead-link, a proprietary bead conjugation service. 

Upstate plans to market the system for basic research and drug discovery applications.




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