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UPDATE: Agilent, MDS Proteomics to Collaborate on Protein Analysis Technology

NEW YORK, May 22 – Signaling its effort to expand into the burgeoning proteomics arena, Agilent Technologies said Tuesday it has agreed to partner with MDS Proteomics to develop laboratory technology for identifying and analyzing proteins more quickly. 

The joint effort will draw on Agilent’s expertise in separation science and liquid chromatography, and MDS Proteomics’ experience in mass spectrometry, bioinformatics, and the study of protein pathways.

“Right now getting [separations] technology configured for proteomics has tremendous benefit for our customers, “ said Doug Forsyth, a spokesman for Agilent. 

Forsyth said Agilent and MDS will combine existing technology such as liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry with bioinformatics solutions specifically tailored for proteomics to boost the throughput of protein analysis.

“Together we’ll identify bottlenecks, problems,” said Forsyth. “Agilent will come up with the equipment, and MDS will provide certain components” such as bioinformatics expertise.

From the collaboration, the two companies hope to sell equipment and laboratory technology to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other companies in engaged in proteomics research. Further financial details of the collaboration were not disclosed.  
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