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Tripos Hires Army or Sales Directors; Gentris Bolsters SAB; MDS Pharma Brings Aboard New Directors

NEW YORK, July 24 - Tripos has hired Elizabeth Holbrook as vice president of US sales. She was previously vice president of international sales at Affymetrix, a Tripos official said today.


The company also brought on board three US sales directors, seven senior sales executives, and six sales support scientists.


In the European sales department, Tripos hired four directors of strategic accounts, four senior sales executives, and six application scientists.



CytRx said today it has tapped Louis Ignarro to join its board of directors.


Ignarro, a Nobel Laureate in medicine, is professor of pharmacology in the department of molecular and medical pharmacology at the UCLA School of Medicine, where he is also acting chairman and assistant dean.



Gentris said today it had recruited the following people to its scientific advisory board:

William Evans, chairman of the department of pharmaceutical sciences at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Janice Kurth, vice president of life sciences at Visualize; Richard Hockett, senior clinical research physician and group leader for genomic medicine in the department of diagnostic and experimental medicine at Eli Lilly; and Paul Andrews, managing director of the Washington, DC, office of Cato Research.



Protedyne chose Gerhard Weidner to become the director of R&D and to lead its scientific application group at its German subsidiary, the company said last week.


Weidner is the former head of new technologies and lead discovery at Elegene, a biotech company based in Martinsried, Germany.



MDS Pharma Services added four directors to its European business-development team, the company said last week:


Yves Grenon, from London, who was previously the company's director of business development of the company's facility in New Jersey; Steven Herne, from Belfast, UK, who was previously business development manager at Inveresk Research, in Glasgow, UK; Dietlinde Hoegerle, from Hamburg, who used to be the director of scientific affairs and quality assurance at Interlab in Munich; and Marc Scull, who was previously business-development manager for Aster Cephac Group in Paris.



Diversa said last week it has hired Gary Woodnutt senior vice president of pharmaceutical R&D and Lee McCracken senior vice president of pharmaceutical business development.


Woodnutt joins the company from GlaxoSmithKline, where he was vice president of microbiology, and McCracken was previously president and chief business officer of GenStar Therapeutics.


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