THE PAST:  “Maryland Firm Marks Genetic Code Milestone” read the September 10, 1999 headline in The Washington Post . What caught my eye was a schematic drawing of a fruit fly.  Had I mistakenly picked up the Health section of the paper instead of the Business section?  No, the article was about a local company – Celera Genomics – that had just announced it had completed the physical process of reading, or “sequencing,” the fruit fly’s entire genetic code.

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The UK's Human Fertility and Embryology Authority calls for consumer genetic testing companies to warn customers that testing could uncover family secrets, according to the Guardian.

The New York Times reports that United Nations delegates have been discussing how to govern the genetic resources of the deep sea.

Researchers have transplanted edited cells into mice that appear to combat cocaine addiction, New Scientist reports.

In PNAS this week: analysis of proteolytic enzymes secreted by circulating tumor cells, phylogenetic study of Fv1 evolution, and more.