THE PAST:  “Maryland Firm Marks Genetic Code Milestone” read the September 10, 1999 headline in The Washington Post . What caught my eye was a schematic drawing of a fruit fly.  Had I mistakenly picked up the Health section of the paper instead of the Business section?  No, the article was about a local company – Celera Genomics – that had just announced it had completed the physical process of reading, or “sequencing,” the fruit fly’s entire genetic code.

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360Dx reports that the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services would cover next-generation sequencing-based cancer panel tests.

The Washington Post reports that a meteorologist is being considered as presidential science and technology advisor.

In PNAS this week: precision medicine strategy to screen for disease risk, genome evolution in Haemophilus influenzae, and more.

Researchers have developed a PCR-based assay to gauge whether manatees are present in waters.