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Thermo Fisher Buys German Chromatography Firm

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Thermo Fisher Scientific has purchased chromatography consumables products maker La-Pha-Pack for an undisclosed sum, the company said today.
Thermo Fisher said La-Pha-Pack, based in Langerwehe, Germany, has revenues of around $25 million, but it was not immediately clear in what time period those revenues were generated. The firm sells products such as liquid chromatography filters and vials.
The acquisition will enable Thermo Fisher to offer a broader line of chromatography consumables over a wider area in Europe, and will complement its UK-based Chromacol brand, Thermo Fisher said.
The company will integrate La-Pha-Pack into its lab consumables business in its Laboratory Products and Services Segment.
Thermo Fisher has been expanding its presence in the liquid chromatography market over the past couple of years by making some small bolt-on acquisitions and launching its Accela HPLC instrument, a high-speed, high-pressure LC to compete with Waters’ Acquity UPLC and Agilent’s 1200 Series instruments.
A year ago, the firm acquired sample-extraction and liquid-chromatography products firm Cohesive Technologies for an undisclosed sum.
Thermo Fisher also suggested in its third quarter earnings statement in October that the “highly fragmented” market in which it operates would offer future opportunities for new acquisitions.

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