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Support for Small Businesses


If you’ve been hearing more than usual about Small Business Innovation Research programs lately, it’s likely because a recent change disqualified companies with a significant proportion of venture backing from winning these funds — and that has BIO and other industry organizations up in arms. To find out just how much these grants are playing a role in this field, GT checked into SBIR funding awards from the 2007 fiscal year.

For this listing, GT culled the database to find phase I grants most obviously supporting genomics, proteomics, and related areas. The list below represents the largest grants, and is by no means comprehensive.

Akonni Biosystems
Darrell Chandler
Diagnostic Protein Array for Respiratory Infections

Mark Lim
Novel Proteomic Arrays of In Vitro Expressed Proteins for Autoimmune Disease

Mark Lim
Photocleavable ICAT Reagents for Quantitative Proteomics

Ambion Diagnostics
Gary Latham
Rapid Quantitation of Small RNA

Ambion Diagnostics
Gary Latham
Integrated Technology for MicroRNA-based Diagnostic Assays

Amplified Proteomics
Huangtsu Chen
Multiplexed Protein Measurement by Real-time Immuno-PCR

Atactic Technologies
Xiaochuan Zhou
Microchips of Protein Kinase Substrates

Atactic Technologies
Xiaolian Gao
Parallel DNA Assembling on MicroChip

Calibrant Biosystems
Brian Balgley
Validation and Quantification of FFPE Antigen Retrieval by Proteome Analysis

Cell Signaling Technology
Peter Van Hornbeck
PhosphoSite and the Phosphoproteome of Cancer

Alex Chenchik
Functionally Validated Lentiviral siRNA Libraries

Ernest Guignon
Protein Microarray System for Rheumatoid Arthritis Diagnosis

EIC Laboratories
Michael Wilson
Nanotube Reagentless Proteomic Arrays

ExperiMed Bioscience
Lawrence Kauvar
Multiplexed Screening of Protein Expression Libraries

James Bennett
Manipulation of Mitochondrial Genomes in Aging and Neurodegeneration

Tatiana Nikolskaya
Elucidation of Functional Networks from Toxicogenomics Gene Expression Data

Gualberto Ruano
DNA Diagnostics for Minimizing Metabolic Side-Effects of Antipsychotics

Intelligent Bio-Systems
Jerzy Olejnik
Novel Diagnostic Sequencing System for HIV Resistance Testing

Thomas Schoenfeld
Improved DNA Polymerases for Genomic Sequencing

Ronald Godiska
High Fidelity Genomic Cloning and Amplification

Tim Wharton
An Integrated Optical DNA Detector for Portable PCR

Robert White
Rapid DNA Assay System for Characterization of Infectious Disease Pathogens

Mirus Bio
MaryAnne Watt
Efficient Labeling of MicroRNA for Microarray Analysis

John Oliver
Hybridization-Assisted Nanopore Sequencing

Potomac Affinity Proteins
Biao Ruan
Proteases and Tags for Protein Purification and Analysis

Prognosys Biosciences
Mark Chee
An Assay System for Cancer Gene Discovery

Protein Discovery
Dean Hafeman
High Throughput Fractionation and Concentration System for MALDI-MS

Scarab Genomics
Frederick Blattner
Clean-Genome Vaccines Against Biodefense Agents

Science and Engineering Services
Vadym Berkout
A Novel Method of Ion Fragmentation in Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Science and Engineering Services
Vladimir Doroshenko
Quadrupole Ion Trap/FTICR Tandem Mass Spectrometer

Sergei Kazakov
Multiplexed mRNA Quantification Using Self-Circularizing RNA Probes

Trilink Biotechnologies
Howard Gamper
Reagents for Preparing Structure-Free DNA and RNA

Trilink Biotechnologies
Alexandre Lebedev
Chemically Modified Primers for Improved Hot Start PCR

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