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Stratagene s PCR Reagents Infringe Third Wave s Invader Tech; Jury to Deliberate Damages

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NEW YORK, Sept. 1 (GenomeWeb News) - A jury has determined that Stratagene's quantitative PCR and RT-PCR reagents infringe two patents held by Third Wave Technologies as part of its Invader technology, Stratagene said today.


The jury, appointed by the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, found that certain embodiments of Stratagene's FullVelocity technology violate Third Weave's US patents Nos. 6,090,543 and 6,348,314. The jury will now hear arguments with respect to damages.


Third Wave filed the suit  last September. At the time, Stratagene said certain embodiments of its FullVelocity technology are not covered by Third Wave's patents.


In May, Stratagene countersued Third Wave claiming that Third Wave infringes patents that cover its FullVelocity technology. Stratagene's patents are USpatent Nos. 6,350,580; 6,528,254; 6,548,250; 6,589,743; and 6,893,819.

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