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Sitting Pretty


As genomics stocks bottom out, here’s who’s still on top

$7.1M William Rich, Ciphergen, CEO

$63.1M Mark Chandler, Luminex, CEO

$213.3M Lyle Turner, Invitrogen, CEO

$2.7M Mark Boguski, Rosetta Inpharmatics, Sr. VP of R&D

$6.9M William Matthews, Deltagen, CEO

$4.9M Mark Gessler, Gene Logic, CEO

$1.8M Stuart Collinson, Aurora Biosciences, CEO

$8.7M Howard Birndorf, Nanogen, CEO

$66.8M Mark Chee, Illumina, VP of Genomics

$76.0M Tony White, Applera, CEO

$5.3M Arthur sands, Lexicon Genetics, CEO

$6.3M Gregg Helt, Affymetrix, Principal Scientist

$1.3M Dale Pfost, Orchid BioSciences, President and CEO

$8.4M Cyrus Harmon, Affymetrix, VP of Computational Genomics

$1.7M John King, Rosetta Inpharmatics, COO

$9.7M Timothy Rink, Aurora Biosciences, Fmr. Chrm. and CEO

$40.5M Michael Hunkapiller, Applied Biosystems, President

$2.6M Tony Shuh, Sequenom, President and CEO

$4.1M Daniel Kisner, Caliper Technologies, CEO

$8.5M Stephen Fodor, Affymetrix, CEO

$1.1M Kieran Gallahue, Nanogen, CFO

$17.1M Roy Whitfield, Incyte Genomics, CEO

$42.2M Craig Venter, Celera Genomics, CSO

$15.3M Harden McConnell, Molecular Devices, Founder

$3.2M Calvin Chow, Caliper Technologies, COO

$3.9M Hannes Smarason, DeCode Genetics, Sr. Bus. & Finance Officer

$4.8M Joseph Keegan, Molecular Devices, CEO

$14.6M Emery Olcott, Packard Bioscience, CEO

$4.9M Joseph Limber, Aclara BioSciences, CEO

$18.4M Dennis Winger, Applied Biosystems, CFO

$2.9M Herbert Hooper, Aclara BioSciences, CSO

$38.8M Jeffrey Williams, Genomic Solutions, CEO

$21.9M Kari Stefansson, DeCode Genetics, CEO

$7.2M Jay Flatley, Illumina, CEO

$8.8M Randy Scott, Incyte Genomics, Chairman

$10.0M Richard McKernan, Packard BioScience, Sr. VP

$3.4M Jeffrey Gulcher, DeCode Genetics, VP, R&D

$5.9M Stephan Friend, Rosetta Inpharmatics, CEO

Values reflect individuals’ fully diluted company shares and options. All data based on most recent SEC filings available and March 29 share prices.

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