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In Silico: Oct 1, 2002


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Tool Talk


As big pharma’s product pipeline continues to wither, the role of genomics tools and data providers becomes increasingly uncertain. Will the pressure on pharma firms mean that genomic companies can expect an increase in new-technology orders? Or will pharma’s revenue woes mean increased spending becomes foolish?


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Not for Profit


Want to make money from open-source bioinformatics? As long as it’s not too much, you might have a chance. This was the verdict of a panel of academics and business executives who convened at Stanford University.


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Funding Famine?


Indian biotechnology companies, including those in the nation’s burgeoning bioinformatics sector, have enjoyed broad government support in recent years. Yet young biotechs in India are finding it exceedingly difficult to secure enough venture capital from risk-averse local investors, and tumbling stock markets in the US and Europe are hurting their chances of closing foreign private-equity deals.


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How to Beat the Big A?


In an effort to set themselves apart from Affymetrix, a number of companies poised to enter the gene expression chip market have promised to provide the “second generation” of microarrays. But what exactly does “second generation” mean? That depends largely on whom one asks. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers have a range of expectations.


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Open-Source Snafu


“The regrettable aspect is that [the statement] really does confuse an issue that had been worked out for quite a few years, which is what open source is.”

— Lincoln Stein, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


Find “ISCB President Says Society Goofed in Bioinformatics Software Availability Statement” by searching: ISCB




Spec School


Beneath the wellspring of interest in proteomics, the question remains as to whether new entrants to the field really know what they’re doing. Scientists are searching for alternative means of acquiring skills in proteomics, and for the most part their options have been limited. But that may be changing thanks to training available through vendors, consultants, professional societies, and public-sector organizations.


Find “Providing Training in Protein MS Isn’t Easy, But Help May Be on the Way” by searching: training

The Scan

Missed Early Cases

A retrospective analysis of blood samples suggests early SARS-CoV-2 infections may have been missed in the US, the New York Times reports.

Limited Journal Editor Diversity

A survey finds low diversity among scientific and medical journal editors, according to The Scientist.

How Much of a Threat?

Science writes that need for a provision aimed at shoring up genomic data security within a new US bill is being questioned.

PNAS Papers on Historic Helicobacter Spread, Brain Development, C. difficile RNAs

In PNAS this week: Helicobacter genetic diversity gives insight into human migrations, gene expression patterns of brain development, and more.