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In Silico: May 1, 2002


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And a Bag of Chips


An industry study predicts that sales of protein chips will exceed $700 million in 2006, a 10-fold increase from the $76 million in sales the industry recorded one year ago. “With at least 25 companies either selling protein biochips today or preparing to enter the market within the next two years, sales … are poised for enormous growth,” according to BioInsights, which conducted the study.


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On the Verge?


Paracel’s future as a Celera Genomics subsidiary is unclear. As Celera slips into new drug discovery duds, it has to decide what to do with the upstream technologies and businesses that made it a genomics powerhouse. It sold AgGen and is weighing its options for its online business.


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Hail to the Cash


If there’s one thing that publicly traded genomics companies may count on After Enron it is that cash is the new king. And considering that nearly all genomic tool and tech shops burn more cash than they earn, the new standard presents novel challenges.


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Diagnostic Diagnosis


“There are going to be three or four major platforms for diagnostics,” said Jorge Leon, vice president of applied genomics at Quest Diagnostics. “One of them is going to be [DNA] arrays,” he said. The others will include immunoassays, traditional ELISAs and antibody arrays, as well as fluorescent in situ hybridization and protein mass spectrometry.


Find “DNA Microarrays Enter the Realm of Clinical Diagnostics, but Their Future Role Is Unclear” by searching: diagnostics




Wheelin’ and Dealin’


Cray and Compaq have recently established a foothold in Singapore’s emerging bioinformatics efforts via deals with the country’s leading academic institutions — a supercomputer at the National University of Singapore and bioinformatics software at Nanyang Technological University.


Find “Compaq and Cray Stake Their Claims in Singapore’s Fertile Bioinformatics Territory” by searching: Singapore




TOF Choices


Scientists in the field speak with anticipation of the days when high-end instruments such as the MALDI-TOF/TOF will prove themselves cost-effective. But beneath that swell of expectation lies an undercurrent: for proteomics experiments involving the analysis of complex mixtures of peptides, has the cost of Q-TOF technology dipped to the point where ion traps are no longer necessary?


Find “Mass Spectrometrists Debate: Q-TOFs or Ion Traps for Analyzing Complex Peptide Mixtures” by searching: Q-TOF


The Scan

Study Reveals New Details About Genetics of Major Cause of Female Infertility

Researchers in Nature Medicine conducted a whole-exome sequencing study of mote than a thousand patients with premature ovarian insufficiency.

Circulating Tumor DNA Shows Potential as Biomarker in Rare Childhood Cancer

A study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has found that circulating tumor DNA levels in rhabdomyosarcoma may serve as a biomarker for prognosis.

Study Recommends Cancer Screening for Dogs Beginning Age Seven, Depending on Breed

PetDx researchers report in PLOS One that annual cancer screening for dogs should begin by age seven.

White-Tailed Deer Harbor SARS-CoV-2 Variants No Longer Infecting Humans, Study Finds

A new study in PNAS has found that white-tailed deer could act as a reservoir of SARS-CoV-2 variants no longer found among humans.