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In Silico: Nov 1, 2002


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Switch to SNPs?


The European Commission plans to spend 1.4 million on a three-year study this fall to evaluate and develop SNP-based forensic technologies. The move might signal an interest among European forensic specialists to gradually move away from traditional technologies, which can be costly and limited.


Find “European Forensics Labs to Study Viability of Large-Scale SNP Analysis” by searching: forensics


New Customers, Ahoy


A politically charged idea gaining momentum in the generic-pharmaceuticals industry could give rise to a new breed of genomic-tool and -technology customers and create a fresh wave of R&D spending. The move might also be a boon to fluttering genomics companies, particularly makers of bioinformatics, proteomics, and SNP-analysis tools and technologies that might be called upon to help create generic biologics that are up to snuff in the eyes of the FDA.


Find “Generic Biotechs, on the Horizon, May Spur New Wave of R&D Spending — But Can Genomics Firms Survive the Wait?” by searching: generic


A Genome for Every Tot, Eventually


For the last decade, genomics-technology cheerleaders have promised that dirt-cheap, idiot-proof DNA sequencing is right around the corner. A new era will bring better methods, faster machines, and reads so cheap that it’ll be possible, just for kicks, to knock out a draft of Uncle Larry in one afternoon. But most top technology developers believe steady, unspectacular improvements will keep pushing costs down over the next few years.


Find “In Race for Fastest, Cheapest Genome Sequencers, Newbies Share Burden With Old Guard” by searching: newbies

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All the Right Places


“We discovered millions of SNPs by looking at the 50 genotypes. It was all new and we found four times as many SNPs as the public effort had been finding, and we were looking at a lot more people.”

— Brad Margus, CEO, Perlegen


Find “Perlegen Signs Its First Big Pharma Deal with GlaxoSmithKline, Finishes 50 Genomes” by searching: Perlegen




Bursting Out


Bioclusters are big. And most of them are getting bigger, according to an informal user survey. Respondents indicated that they are taking full advantage of one of the primary selling points of Linux clusters — scalability — by regularly adding new CPUs to their existing clusters.


Find “Bioinformatics Linux Clusters Gain Ground (Literally): Users Report Rapid Expansion” by searching: ground




Kick in the Pants


Cellzome recruited David Brown, the former head of global discovery at Roche, to take over the company’s leadership as CEO. The company is predictably thrilled. With 28 years of experience working at four of the top 10 big pharma companies, Brown should have a wealth of knowledge to share with Cellzome’s management.


Find “Cellzome Gets a Dose of Viagra as Former Pharma Exec Takes Charge” by searching: Cellzome

The Scan

Vaccine Update Recommended

A US Food and Drug Administration panel recommends booster vaccines be updated to target Omicron, CNBC reports.

US to Make More Vaccines for Monkeypox Available

The US is to make nearly 300,000 vaccine doses available in the coming weeks to stem the spread of human monkeypox virus, according to NPR.

Sentence Appealed

The Associated Press reports that Swedish prosecutors are appealing the sentence given to a surgeon once lauded for transplanting synthetic tracheas but then convicted of causing bodily harm.

Genome Biology Papers on COVID-19 Effector Genes, Virtual ChIP-seq, scDART

In Genome Biology this week: proposed COVID-19 effector genes, method to predict transcription factor binding patterns, and more.