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Short Reads/Fingerprints: Jun 1, 2004


The DOE’s Genomes to Life program awarded its FY 2004 grants. The winning PIs for the science-based categories are as follows.

Gang Bao, Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Andrew Bradbury, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Carlos Bustamante, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

James Cate, LBNL

Frank Collart, Argonne National Laboratory

JJ Collins, Boston University

Leroy Hood, Institute for Systems Biology

Thomas Huser, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Jay Keasling, LBNL

Martin Keller, Diversa Corp

Stephen Kent, University of Chicago

Charles Lawrence, Wadsworth Center

Kim Lewis, Northeastern University

Huilin Li, Brookhaven National Laboratory

John Moult, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute

Herbert Sauro, Keck Graduate Institute

Imran Shah, University of Colorado

Mike Shuler, Gene Network Sciences

Richard Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Thomas Squier, PNNL

William Studier, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Cliff Unkefer, LANL

Shimon Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles

Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, Harvard University

And in awards news:

Stuart Kim, a developmental biology professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine, won the Ho-Am Prize in medicine and $90,000 for his work with C. elegans. Using arrays, Kim studies groups of genes that have evolved to work together in the worm.

Meanwhile, Andrew Fire won the Heineken Prize for biochemistry and biophysics for discovering RNAi from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. The award comes with $150,000.

Geospiza, the Seattle company whose software is used for sequence data management and analysis, hires Rob Arnold as its new president and COO. Todd Smith is still the company’s CEO.

Bill Ladd heads from Spotfire to Genstruct, a company using models to study compounds and find biomarkers, where he will be vice president of discovery systems. Before Spotfire, Ladd worked at Gene Logic and Merck.

Former bioinformatics exec Andrew DePristo, a founding member of GeneData’s US division, has made the transition into drug discovery informatics. After a stint in the preclinical unit of Amgen, DePristo becomes CEO and president of BioReason, a Santa Fe-based software firm targeting the discovery phase.