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Seventh Annual Young Investigators


In a fast-paced field like genomics, new ideas and approaches pop up quickly. To find who will be the field's leaders of tomorrow and who is putting 'omics tools to use to study the most fascinating problems, Genome Technology turned to today's established principal investigators for recommendations. All of the researchers profiled here are no more than five years into their first faculty appointment, and a few are still completing their training. The profiles on the next few pages give a taste of what these up-and-coming investigators are working on — from personal genomics to nonparametric statistics to small molecules and more.

Madeleine Price Ball

Robert Bradley

Ludmila Prokunina-Olsson

Robert Schmitz

Susan Harbison

Siobhan Brady

Malachi and Obi Griffith

Joe Dougherty

Chetan Bettegowda

Alex Pearlman

Lei Xie

Julio Saez-Rodriguez

Fasil Tekola Ayele

Douglas Mitchell

Jennifer Gardy

Evan Snitkin

Nicholas Tatonetti

Andrew Johnson

Tim Reddy

Ben Brown

Bernd Bodenmiller

Angela Koehler

Sandra Pankow

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