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Schott, Alpha Innotech, Genomic Solutions Form Unofficial Co-Marketing Alliance

BOSTON, Sept. 15 (GenomeWeb News) - German slide and microtiter plate vendor Schott-Nexterion has teamed up with Genomic Solutions and Alpha Innotech to form an "unofficial collaboration" that enables the three companies to fuse their products in presentations to customers as "an integrated [product offering] for doing multiplexed assays," officials from the three firms said yesterday.


The technologies involved in the alliance are Schott's slides and plates, GS' MicroGrid array spotters, and Alpha Innotech's NovaRay reader.


Speaking at IBC's Chips to Hits Conference here this week after a presentation by a Genomic Solutions partner who described the alliance, Schott-Nexterion general manager Lutz Wehmeier said that the collaboration aims to "enhance [the platforms' ability to] work together to produce a very dedicated format."


"[Our] companies [think] that the microtiter format will be very important" in clinical diagnostics, Wehmeier said. While the collaboration is non-exclusive, Schott will recommend Genomic Solutions and Alpha Innotech tools to their customers, Wehmeier said.


Wehmeier did not exclude the possibility of a formal co-marketing agreement with the two companies. "We will evaluate future opportunities for co-marketing seriously," he said.


Sia Ghazvini, vice president of business development at Alpha Innotech, told GenomeWeb News that the companies chose to collaborate together because they viewed each other as the strongest in their respective areas in the microtiter space, and that the collaboration was focused on making the plate format easier to access and understand for customers.


During his presentation, Jeremy Clarke, Genomic Solutions' global product manager, also revealed that the trio has working with the Universityof Arizonaand StanfordUniversity, and both are helping them develop assays based on their respective equipment.

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