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Scenes from GSAC


Roughly 2,200 attendees showed up for TIGR’s 13th annual International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference, held for the first time in San Diego. They turned out in droves for the conference parties, including GT and Compaq’s awards bash honoring the 2001 GT All-Stars and TIGR’s Halloween party, shown on the following pages.


GT All-Stars Awards Bash


1 GT’s Chris Rockaway shows off the All-Star trophies

2 GT All-Star runner-up Michele Bakis of Genome Therapeutics

3 Celera’s Paul Thomas isn’t buying what veep Tony Kerlavage is selling

4 GT All-Star Gene Myers of Celera with TIGR president Claire Fraser

5 SGI’s Juli Nash-Moultray and GT’s first Wild Type, Gary Montry

6 Electric Genetics party girls: Liza Groenewald and Christina Raimondo

7 Neomorphic millionaire-turned-grad student, Cyrus Harmon

8 Platform Playboys: Robert Rick and Andrew Kelly

9 InforMax’s Frank White and Exelixis’s Mary Callan

10 Compaq’s Angela Loh, InforMax’s Steve Lincoln

11 GT All-Star Ruedi Aebersold and ProteoMonitor editor John MacNeil

12 GT All-Star runner-up Maciek Sasinowski receiving his award

13 Amersham gets a smooch

14 JGI’s Trevor Hawkins and Amersham’s John Nelson


14 The Incogen family mom and pop

15 Illumina’s Jorge Velarde and David Barker

16 Sun’s Gerry McAndrews with GT All-Star Tony Frudakis of DNAPrint

17 InforMax’s Steve Lincoln, Accelrys’ Scott Kahn, and Sun’s Susie Stephens

18 Lionel Binns, worldwide head of Compaq’s life sciences computing group, with GT’s business development guy, Paul Towlen

19 Double-Helix prez Molly Ryan caught headhunting

20 Time Logic’s Marty Gollery and Sun’s Loralyn Mears


TIGR''s Haunted House Party

21 Ward Davidson of Paracel and Tim Hunkapiller

22 Joe Slagel and Todd Smith of Geospiza with Gary Montry

23 TIGRess Claire Fraser and husband

24 TIGR’s got legs

25 Halloween Gene

26 Conference coordinator extraordinaire, Bernie Lauro

27 Lion’s Sally Kellar and Christian Marcazzo

28 Craig Venter and UNM’s Maggie Werner-Washburne

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