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Roundtrip from the Dark Side


Doctors-turned-entrepreneur are nothing new, but here’s a twist: an investment manager turned physician turned genomics chief.

Genomics Collaborative’s new CEO, MICHAEL PELLINI, was an analyst with an MBA before going to medical school. Pellini says he got to know Genomics Collaborative’s chairman and founder MICHAEL WALL, who also founded Centocor, while he was practicing medicine as a primary care physician in the Thomas Jefferson Health System in Philadelphia. After a six-month consulting stint, Pellini joined the upstart as vice president of business development in July 1999 and advanced quickly to president and COO before becoming top dog.

The company, which has relationships with Gene Logic, Genometrix, Lynx, and Qiagen, recruits about 6,500 patients per month from around the world for its large-scale genetic association studies.

In the financial sector, Pellini directed a group of investment managers for Mason Lynch in Sydney, where he helped to create a new national standard for asset growth in Australia. Before that, he was a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch.

Genomics Collaborative also named BRENT RICHTER director of bioinformatics, with responsibility for linking genotypic, expression, and proteomic data with its database of medical information, DNA, and tissue samples. Richter had most recently been director of pathoinformatics in the Department of Molecular Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital. There he designed and developed a pathogen-host interactions database with Aventis Research and Technologies.

— Matthew Dougherty