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Roche Posts Growth in Nine-Month Sales for Applied Science, Molecular Dx Businesses

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Roche today reported a 19-percent increase in sales, as measured in local currencies, for its Applied Science business for the nine-month period ended Sept. 30, accompanied by 4 percent growth in sales measured in local currencies for its molecular diagnostics business.
Roche said that the rise in the Swiss franc against most currencies during the period, particularly against the US dollar, resulted in lower growth in Swiss francs as compared to local currencies. As a result, the company broke out growth in Swiss francs, local currencies, and US dollars for the period.
Roche Applied Science posted nine-month sales of 546 million Swiss francs ($473 million), a 10 percent increase over 498 million Swiss francs in the first nine months of 2007.  In local currencies, the company reported 19 percent growth for the period, and 26 percent growth in US dollars.
The company said that sales of its Genome Sequencer FLX “nearly doubled despite increased pressure from competitors” during the period. Roche said that it also saw double-digit growth for its qPCR analysis products, particularly its LightCycler 480 instruments, and that its Roche NimbleGen microarrays were a key contributor to sales.
Nine-month revenues for molecular diagnostics dipped 3 percent to 828 million Swiss francs from 856 million Swiss francs. In local currencies, the firm reported growth of 4 percent, and in US dollars, revenues for this group grew 12 percent during the period.
Roche said that it saw strong sales of its automated platforms for HIV and hepatitis B and C testing during the period, while blood screening sales declined 2 percent.
Overall sales for the Diagnostics Division, which houses Applied Sciences and Molecular Diagnostics, increased 4 percent to 7.1 billion Swiss francs from 6.8 billion Swiss francs, an increase of 11 percent in local currencies and 20 percent in US dollars.
Ventana, the tissue diagnostics business that Roche acquired in February, posted sales of 261 million Swiss francs in the eight months ending Sept. 30, accounting for 4 percent of the Diagnostic Division’s nine-month revenues.
Total nine-month sales for the Roche Group, which includes the Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics Divisions, declined 2 percent to 33.3 billion Swiss francs from 33.9 billion Swiss francs, representing 6 percent growth in local currencies and 13 percent growth in US dollars.  

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