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Rick Friedman, Dana Frisch, Marian Moser Jones


Rick Friedman, an award-winning photographer based in Boston, produced the images of Mark Fishman for our cover story this month. Rick travels extensively, shooting for numerous publications, including Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Discover, People, and Sports Illustrated. Books that feature his work include one on Hillary Clinton, The Gourmet Prescription, Scientists at Work, and a current assignment, South End Baseball, featuring an inner-city baseball program in Boston.

Dana Frisch has enjoyed the sights of New York since moving here last summer from Toronto, but is puzzled about why all maps of North America appear to end at the US/Canada border. She is spending the summer avoiding the heat and interning at Genome Technology while pursuing a master’s in science and environmental reporting at New York University. And no, Dana does not end all her sentences with ‘eh.’

Since joining the company in October 2000, Marian Moser Jones (“At Lynx, Out with Russell, In with Corcoran,” p. 20) has climbed four rungs on the GenomeWeb (step)ladder. Marian, who started out as a daily news reporter for, became the founding managing editor and then chief editor of GT’s sister publication BioArray News. After a year establishing BioArray as the leading source of news about all things DNA-microarray, Marian is moving on to create another new job for herself: in July she became Editorial Director of Newsletters at GenomeWeb, where she will oversee direction of GenomeWeb’s existing newsletters, BioArray, BioInform, and ProteoMonitor, as well as any other newsletters that she decides to launch. Marian studied art theory at Harvard as an undergraduate, and is now pursuing a master’s degree in public health at Columbia University.

The Scan

Not Yet a Permanent One

NPR says the lack of a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner has "flummoxed" public health officials.

Unfair Targeting

Technology Review writes that a new report says the US has been unfairly targeting Chinese and Chinese-American individuals in economic espionage cases.

Limited Rapid Testing

The New York Times wonders why rapid tests for COVID-19 are not widely available in the US.

Genome Research Papers on IPAFinder, Structural Variant Expression Effects, Single-Cell RNA-Seq Markers

In Genome Research this week: IPAFinder method to detect intronic polyadenylation, influence of structural variants on gene expression, and more.