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Report: Shenzhen Genomics Institute to Publish Genome Map of ‘Mongoloid’ People

This article has been updated to include all the participating institutes in the project.
NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) - An international group of scientists led by China's Beijing Genome Institute, ShenZhen, will soon publish the “first genome sequence map” of “Mongoloid” people, according to the online Chinese newspaper Shenzhen Daily.
The institute said there are more than 2 billion people of Mongoloid ancestry in the world and that the map will be useful in identifying and tracking hereditary diseases that affect this population. 
In addition to the Beijing Genomics Institute, China's National Engineering Research Center of Bioinformatics System the Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, are also participating in the project.
The article did not specify how the institute set the parameters for the “Mongoloid” status of the genome map in question, nor did it say what diseases it plans to investigate first.
According to the news report, the institute hopes to begin to see therapeutic benefits from the genome map within five years.