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Repeat: Jul 1, 2002


At “Proteomics: The Next Grand Biological Challenge” in Nashville, Tenn., attendees were encouraged to participate in an open-mike night. The highlight was a performance of the Proteome Blues, an ode to the industry in country music’s capital.


David Friedman, Vanderbilt

Phil Hieter, University of British Columbia

Eric Phizicky, University of Rochester

Mike Snyder, Yale


Want to go to a conference

I picked up the phone

Got me a ticket to Nashville

Learned ’bout the proteome


Got my oligo synthesizer

Ready to take on Hood

Got my ink-jet printer

— Now I’m feeling good



We got great ideas

Wanna spread the news

But we ain’t got no money

We got the proteome blues


Got all interacting partners

Got everything localized

Ready to go to Stockholm

And pick up my Nobel prize


Sent the paper to Nature

Sent back without review

Said our number of mass spectra

Was just way too few!


The Scan

Harvard Team Report One-Time Base Editing Treatment for Motor Neuron Disease in Mice

A base-editing approach restored SMN levels and improved motor function in a mouse model of spinal muscular atrophy, a new Science paper reports.

International Team Examines History of North American Horses

Genetic and other analyses presented in Science find that horses spread to the northern Rockies and Great Plains by the first half of the 17th century.

New Study Examines Genetic Dominance Within UK Biobank

Researchers analyze instances of genetic dominance within UK Biobank data, as they report in Science.

Cell Signaling Pathway Identified as Metastasis Suppressor

A new study in Nature homes in on the STING pathway as a suppressor of metastasis in a mouse model of lung cancer.