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Recent NSF Awards


For this month’s list of grant information, GT checked in on the National Science Foundation. The agency, which has an annual budget of about $6 billion, has given a number of awards recently that promise to bear fruit for the ‘omics community.

In rounding up awards, GT looked at all grants issued from the end of May onward, and selected for this chart the ones that were most closely related to genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. This is by no means a comprehensive list of NSF’s funding in the area. The amount shown for award indicates funding for the current year.

Collaborative Research: Enabling Technology for On-Chip Networks
Stanford University
William Dally

Architectural Support for Parallelism on Multi-Core Architectures
University of California, San Diego
Dean Tullsen

Parameterized and Tunable Linear Algebra Library for FPGA-Accelerated Systems
University of Southern California
Viktor Prasanna

Collaborative Research: Enabling Technology for On-Chip Networks
Princeton University
Li-Shiuan Peh

Collaborative Research: Model-Based and Model-Free Dimension Reduction with Applications to Bioinformatics
Pennsylvania State University
Bing Li

Collaborative Research: Model-Based and Model-Free Dimension Reduction with Applications to Bioinformatics
University of Minnesota
Ralph Cook

Role of CpG Binding Protein in the Regulation of Cytosine Methylation and Chromatin Structure
Indiana University
David Skalnik

Computational Modeling of Sequence-Dependent DNA Curvature Using Hydrodynamics
University of Texas, Austin
Oscar Gonzalez

The Arabidopsis HYL1 Protein and the Role of Small RNAs in Stress Physiology
Pennsylvania State University
Nina Fedoroff Video Delivery of Papers Published in PLoS Journals
University of California, San Diego
Philip Bourne

Single-Molecule Stochastic Sensing of DNA and Proteins
Syracuse University
Liviu Movileanu

Controlling Positive False Discovery Rate with Power
University of Connecticut
Zhiyi Chi

A New MCMC Framework with Applications to Protein Bioinformatics
Harvard University
Jun Liu

Computational Comparative Genomic Approaches to Identifying Functional and Neutral DNA
Boston College
Jeffrey Chuang

The Scan

Genetic Testing Approach Explores Origins of Blastocyst Aneuploidy

Investigators in AJHG distinguish between aneuploidy events related to meiotic missegregation in haploid cells and those involving post-zygotic mitotic errors and mosaicism.

Study Looks at Parent Uncertainties After Children's Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Diagnoses

A qualitative study in EJHG looks at personal, practical, scientific, and existential uncertainties in parents as their children go through SCID diagnoses, treatment, and post-treatment stages.

Antimicrobial Resistance Study Highlights Key Protein Domains

By screening diverse versions of an outer membrane porin protein in Vibrio cholerae, researchers in PLOS Genetics flagged protein domain regions influencing antimicrobial resistance.

Latent HIV Found in White Blood Cells of Individuals on Long-Term Treatments

Researchers in Nature Microbiology find HIV genetic material in monocyte white blood cells and in macrophages that differentiated from them in individuals on HIV-suppressive treatment.