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Recent Molecular Biology Tool Patents Issued in the US to BCW Index Companies: Oct 6, 2005

Recent Molecular Biology Tool Patents Issued in the US to BCW Index Companies
Company US Patent No. Date Issued Title
Agilent Technologies 6,950,756 Sept. 27, 2005 Rearrangement of microarray scan images to form virtual arrays
6,946,285 Sept. 20, 2005 Arrays with elongated features
6,943,036 Sept. 13, 2005 Error detection in chemical array fabrication
6,939,673 Sept. 6, 2005 Manufacture of arrays with reduced error impact
6,936,472 Aug. 30, 2005 Method for synthesizing a specific, surface-bound polymer uniformly over an element of a molecular array
6,928,858 Aug. 16, 2005 Apparatus and method for thermal conductivity detection in gas chromatography equipment
6,927,029 Aug. 9, 2005 Surface with tethered polymeric species for binding biomolecules
Applera 6,942,975 Sept. 13, 2005 Methods and kits for obtaining DNA end sequence information for large cloned inserts and uses thereof
6,942,974 Sept. 13, 2005 Selective elution of immobilized multiplexed primer extension products
6,942,837 Sept. 13, 2005 System for filling a substrate with a liquid sample
6,942,836 Sept. 13, 2005 System for filling substrate chambers with liquid
6,940,065 Sept. 6, 2005 Method for characterizing biomolecules utilizing a result driven strategy
6,933,126 Aug. 23, 2005 Membrane transportable fluorescent substrates
Beckman Coulter 6,946,249 Sept. 20, 2005 De novo or "universal" sequencing array
Bio-Rad Laboratories 6,942,977 Sept. 13, 2005 Immunoassays for determining vitamin B12, and reagents and kits therefor
Bruker Daltonik 6,924,478 Aug. 2, 2005 Tandem mass spectrometry method
Invitrogen 6,936,150 Aug. 30, 2005 Methods and apparatus for electrophoresis of prior-cast, hydratable separation media
6,933,121 Aug. 23, 2005 Use of predetermined nucleotides having altered base pairing characteristics in the amplification of nucleic acid molecules
6,924,098 Aug. 2, 2005 Nucleic acid ladders
Molecular Devices 6,930,314 Aug. 16, 2005 Light detection device
Qiagen 6,946,250 Sept. 20, 2005 Process for the separation of double-stranded/single-stranded nucleic acid structures
Stratagene 6,946,273 Sept. 20, 2005 Compositions and methods utilizing DNA polymerases
Thermo Electron 6,949,737 Sept. 27, 2005 Device for collecting ions in a mass spectrometer
The Scan

US Booster Eligibility Decision

The US CDC director recommends that people at high risk of developing COVID-19 due to their jobs also be eligible for COVID-19 boosters, in addition to those 65 years old and older or with underlying medical conditions.

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